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Tired of seeing ‘You’ or ‘Visitor’ instead of your customer’s name in chat?

02/06/2012       By: Natalya Bucuy

Make chat personal again by interacting with prospective customers on a first name basis. Our latest update to the live chat system allows the name a visitor enters in pre-chat requirements to be thei...

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The LiveHelpNow live chat window – Designed with your brand in mind

02/06/2012       By: Natalya Bucuy

The live chat window is often a visitor’s first point of contact with your company, and it should be designed to reflect your brand. The latest release of the LiveHelpNow chat window is easier to cu...

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5 principles that make multitasking with live chat easier

01/31/2012       By: Natalya Bucuy

  Offering a live chat option on your website is a great start at being more responsive to your market’s needs. But if you have decent traffic and your agents process one chat request at a time...

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LiveHelpNow speaks Greek and now so can you!

09/12/2011       By: Natalya Bucuy

The world’s just gotten a little smaller and your sales opportunities have just gotten a lot bigger. We’re writing to let you know about an exciting new feature now available in our live c...

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Live Chat Software and SEO

01/19/2011       By: Natalya Bucuy

Live chat software not only improves your customer conversion and retention rate- it can also trim about 20% from your advertising costs. Are you interested in refining your PPC campaign search terms ...

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Live chat implementation- 6 steps for success

03/16/2010       By: Natalya Bucuy

Live chat is a great sales tool and a tremendous tactic to offer fantastic customer service. It’s more scalable than a call center because live chat systems typically permit the customer service...

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Live chat software: enhancing customer relationships with web-based chat

02/06/2010       By: Natalya Bucuy

When it comes to e-commerce, technical aid or product sales, no matter how amazing your web site is, you still need to have that human touch. LiveHelpNow provides a cutting edge solution for ensuring ...

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