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Apps For Omnichannel Customer Support

Customer support is shifting rapidly to satisfy ever growing pull of customer support channels. The days of “calling for support” are pretty much over. Today, customers are messaging, liking, texting, live chatting, and emailing, while calling has become secondary.

LiveHelpNow is an omnichannel customer support pioneer. Our goal: Allow contact centers, customer support teams, and SMBs to support multiple brands and communicate via any messaging channel whether it be live chat, SMS, email, or social media.

There are two types of apps to login to the omnichannel Agent Workspace: Desktop: Windows PC and MAC apps are available to automatically login your agents and ensure they receive notifications that are often blocked by web browsers.

Mobile: iOS and Android apps allow agents on-the-go to work remotely from their mobile device and manage live chats, support tickets, and calls backs with easy access to your knowledge base.





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“Having the LiveHelpNow app on my phone allows me to continue to help customers no matter where we are in the world. Providing online and text chat services to our customers has truly been the most highly strategic decision we’ve ever made and the best ROI (customers constantly tell us how amazing it is that they can text the store’s telephone number).”
- Franco Salerno, Owner Darianna Bridal