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Serve customers like never before with

Provided by LogMeIn, will allow you to serve your customers like never before. See a chatting customer’s screen and take over mouse and keyboard control to resolve any issue quickly, without cause for frustration.

No more wasting time trying to explain complicated solutions to your customers- simply do it yourself. No more glitches or freezes, because eliminates any issues experienced with previous remote assistance providers. screen sharing is highly intuitive and easy to use. Any operator can be trained to use it in a matter of minutes, and it can be used for a wide range of functions.

Give live training sessions to demonstrate how your products/website work, easily share your screen, and resolve customer issues faster than ever before.

Sign up for a 14 day pro trial of, or you can sign up for a paid pro account now and see how works seamlessly with LiveHelpNow chat.

Together with LiveHelpNow, truly allows you to provide 360 degree customer service to ensure that your clients are constantly blown away by how quickly and efficiently you can meet their needs.

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