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LiveHelpNow customer service software is now powered by ChatGPT. During a limited beta trial, LiveHelpNow will offer the revolutionary GPT-4 tools to all users completely free. Customer support agents, content creators, and your customers can now leverage this groundbreaking AI. We offer chatbots for incredible self service, agent assistants for faster and more accurate answers, and so many other tools. Your team will save time and create never before seen customer experiences.

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Feature spotlight

A Wave is Coming

A Wave is Coming

The ChatGPT AI tsunami is here. LiveHelpNow has released many ChatGPT-powered tools in limited beta. You’ll find some highlights in the sections below.

It all starts with Hue, an AI-powered chatbot and agent assistant that will answer questions instantly using your existing data. Other tools include a knowledge base content writer, transcript summarization tools, agent tools to improve the friendliness of chat replies, and so much more.

Open.AI’s large language model opens up a world of possibilities. We will continue to push LiveHelpNow’s customer service tools to the next level.

Knowledge in Seconds

Knowledge in Seconds

Create content for your Knowledge Base in a flash with ChatGPT. AI allows writers to re-write, expand, and summarize content into easy-to-read knowledge articles. The AI-powered feature allows users to write content in the style of their choice. It is an excellent tool for search engine optimization (SEO).

Create an entire Knowledge Base for your customers in mere days, not months. Customers can help themselves without the need to engage with a live person. And the writing will be clear, easy to read, and a huge benefit to your customers.

Faster Escalations

Faster Escalations

Service escalations can hurt CSAT scores. Customers don’t like being passed around between agents. With ChatGPT, agents can summarize long conversations before the transfer. AI-generated summaries allow new agents to get a quick understanding of the problem and help the customer immediately.

Gone are the days when customers are waiting for someone new to help them. Quick and easy problem solving is here.


Friendlier Chat Replies

Friendlier Chat Replies

Coming soon! ChatGPT-generated agent assistance will turn your customer service team into superstars. Powered by GPT-4, with a click of a button AI will generate responses to customer inquiries. It finds the answers from data sources such as chat transcripts, knowledge base articles, and your website. These unique capabilities are available only at LiveHelpNow.

Additionally, if agents are in a rush or too blunt, ChatGPT can take replies they’ve composed and make them more polite and welcoming. Customer Service software + AI will make your agents’ jobs easier and customer experiences richer.

Richer Tickets and Emails

Richer Tickets and Emails

Coming soon! The right answer exists – on your website or in past tickets – but agents can’t remember everything. ChatGPT will handle it for them in no time. With the click of a button, AI will compose a professional reply with the correct answer and in the right format.

If an agent writes their own reply, AI + LiveHelpNow will expand the response with a human-like touch. Happier agents = happy customers.

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Live Chat Success in Tarrant County, Texas

Tarrant County Receives Prestigious National Award for Its Live Chat Program

With the right tools and a customer service mindset, Tarrant County Clerk’s Office in Texas is quick, efficient, and gets residents answers to their questions within minutes. This doesn’t sound like the government office you know? Well the Tarrant County team has won awards and LiveHelpNow Live Chat is a part of their success. And only 90 days after chat implementation, call volume was reduced by 80%.

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"We looked at a number of chat providers but kept coming back to LiveHelpNow. You do exactly what you say you will and have no issues with uptime and solve problems fast. That reliability matters."
- Director of Customer Support, Financial Services