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Optimize Your Workflow with LiveHelpNow’s Intelligent Routing System

07/12/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient and accurate customer support is vital. Companies need to offer great service while handling more inquiries. LiveHelpNow’s Intelligent Rout...

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Make Data-Driven Decisions with LiveHelpNow’s Advanced Reporting and Analytics

07/02/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

Making data-driven decisions is crucial for optimizing customer support operations. LiveHelpNow offers advanced reporting and analytics features that provide valuable insights into your team’s perf...

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LiveHelpNow’s Unified Customer Support Platform for Emails and Chats

06/21/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

Customers today expect quick, consistent responses via email or live chat. LiveHelpNow meets this need with a unified customer support platform, letting businesses manage emails and chats seamlessly...

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Boost Brand Image with LiveHelpNow’s Customizable Surveys

06/18/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

Understanding your customers is more important than ever. LiveHelpNow’s customizable survey feature, with up to 10 questions, offers a powerful way to gather essential feedback. Here’s ho...

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Effective Email Tracking and Accountability with LiveHelpNow’s Ticketing System

06/12/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

Effective tracking and accountability are crucial for customer support teams to provide timely and accurate responses. Especially when utilizing email tracking software. However, without the right to...

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Enhancing Customer Support with LiveHelpNow’s Advanced Chat Queuing Rules

06/11/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

Efficient customer support is crucial for high customer satisfaction. A key part of this is managing chat queues well. LiveHelpNow offers advanced chat queuing rules for this. Administrators can set ...

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Enhance Customer Support with LiveHelpNow’s Zoom Integration for Screen Sharing

06/05/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

Efficient customer service is essential. LiveHelpNow’s Zoom integration for screen sharing enhances remote support, allowing teams to solve complex issues in real time. This article covers the ...

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Ensuring Privacy: The Benefits of Secure Forms for Sensitive Data Collection

05/31/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

As our reliance on digital platforms grows, how can we ensure the protection of sensitive information? Businesses handling personal and financial data must secure customer information. Enhanced forms...

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Securing Customer Data: How to Collect Sensitive Information Safely in Live Chat

05/31/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

As more businesses use live chat for real-time support, they need to handle sensitive information safely. This article covers the best practices and features to help you manage customer data securely...

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Unifying Customer Interactions: The Power of Live Chat Integrations

05/30/2024       By: Maria De Jesus

In today’s multi-channel world, seamless customer support across platforms is essential. Companies need robust integrations to manage all interactions efficiently from a single platform. This ...

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