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Every tool you need to take your startup from humble beginnings to the big time.

The road from startup to stardom isn’t an easy one (we’ve been there). That’s why LiveHelpNow is offering its award-winning, fully-featured omnichannel customer service software to startups free of charge. Live chat, chatbots, live agents, text messaging, knowledge base software, help desk ticketing, cloud phone system and more. We’ve got all the support solutions you’ll need to hit the ground running.

Free for 5 agents for 6 months.

Startup application:

Get started today. Apply to check eligibility. Before you apply, there are three prerequisites to ensure you qualify:

  • New LiveHelpNow Customer
  • Fewer Than 50 Employees
  • Revenue Less Than $1 Million​

Helping Small Businesses Make Big Moves

New startups are often made up of a growing team that wears multiple hats. Juggling finances, marketing, sales, support, order fulfillment, and more can be daunting. The good news is that LiveHelpNow will simplify life for you and your staff. It’ll also make it easier to support your customers.


All Access. Free of Charge.

Experience fully-featured LiveHelpNow omnichannel support software for up to 5 agents free for 6 months. No commitments, contracts or credit cards. You’ll receive full access to our live chat software, chatbot, FAQ software, two-way SMS texting, cloud phone system, KPI dashboard, agent workspace, free training, and more. The best part is that our tools are scalable and will grow with you. Success is waiting. Let’s get started!

Let Us Give You A Leg Up

LiveHelpNow started in our founders basement 15 years ago. Our goal is to help blossoming businesses that are in the same spot we once were reach their full potential. Here is the qualifying criteria to receive 6 months of LiveHelpNow for free:

  • New LiveHelpNow customer
  • Fewer than 50 employees
  • Revenue is less than $1mil​
  • Founded within the past 2 years

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Benefits of Partnering with LiveHelpNow

Take your startup from humble beginnings to the big time.


Customers can communicate through any channel (e.x. SMS, email, live chat, or Facebook). Yet, your team receives one streamlined communication history.

KPI Dashboard

Gain unprecedented visibility into team performance. Identify top performers, pinpoint weaknesses, and receive real-time metrics (e.x. response time, dropped chats, and more).

Instant SEO Boost

Gain unprecedented visibility into team performance. Identify top performers, pinpoint weaknesses, and receive real-time metrics (e.x. response time, dropped chats, and more).

Key Integrations

The FAQ software will integrate with your website, business processes, and other LiveHelpNow services (e.x. live chat software, ticket management software).

Unified Inbox

Agents will love an organized workspace. Streamline your company’s support inbox. Keep related conversations threaded, and convert all requests into support tickets.


Free up your agents’ time, so they can provide more specialized attention. Our chatbot can answer FAQs and deflect live conversations (even phone calls!) by up to 70%.

Enterprise-Level Reporting

Track agent and team real-time performance with KPI Dashboards and in-depth analytics. It’s never been easier to identify trends and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Automations & Triggers

Automations that will route tickets to the right person based on any attribute. Specified triggers that will automatically make updates to ticket status, priority level, and category.

Reduced Call Volume

Give customers the option of self-service, reducing call and chat volume by up to 70%. Free up your agents to handle more challenging inquiries that need hands-on attention.

“We've been using LHN since 2009 and haven't considered using anyone else. It's our main tool for servicing our clients and it's battle-tested, flexible, reliable and easy to administer. You won't find a more powerful scalable and so masterfully integrated chat/email/knowledge base package for this price anywhere!”
- Gary, Vice President, Crucial by Micron