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Customer Support Ticketing System Process: Ultimate guide

07/25/2023       By: Michael Kansky

Customer service can make or break you. It’s important that your business has a stellar team of customer support professionals ready to field the questions and issues plaguing customers. But its equ...

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What to Look for in a Great Customer Service Chatbot

07/12/2023       By: Brandon Stillwell

Anyone who works in customer service will tell you just how time-consuming and resource-intensive it can be. To ease the strain, many businesses have turned to customer service chatbot services. In fa...

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Live Customer Service: The Marriage of Tech and Humanity

06/14/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

Live customer service is a tradition businesses try to hold on to in the digital age. And for a good reason.  When it comes to conversations about technology in business, we often jump to extremes. ...

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Great Customer Self-Service: Examples, Tips, Benefits

06/14/2023       By: Brandon Stillwell

When talking about customer service, most people think about talking to a live support agent on the phone or interacting with someone in person. But companies can provide customer service without ever...

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8 Steps to Building a Winning Customer Service Strategy

06/07/2023       By: Brandon Stillwell

It’s no secret that customers are the lifeblood of any business. Business success is impossible to achieve if you’re leaving your customers angry with your products, services, or customer service....

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Sorry for the Inconvenience: Apology in Customer Service

05/31/2023       By: Brandon Stillwell

If you’ve ever interacted with customer service agents, chances are you’ve heard the phrase “sorry for the inconvenience” at least a dozen times. Apologies are an important part of resolving i...

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A Complete Guide to Enterprise Chatbots 

05/30/2023       By: Robert Friedman

More and more businesses are implementing digital solutions in their day-to-day operations. Their goal is to streamline certain tasks. One way that companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) is ...

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12 Ways that Healthcare Chatbots are Improving Medicine

05/26/2023       By: Robert Friedman

The healthcare industry faces many difficult challenges. These include everything from staffing and supply ordering to patient diagnosis and treatment. But what if the right technology could help reso...

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7 Essential Customer Service Communication Skills

05/17/2023       By: Brandon Stillwell

Today’s consumers have never had more choices when it comes to product or service providers. This means that a solid customer support team is even more important when it comes to attracting and reta...

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“Thank you for Your Patience:” To Use or Not to Use 

05/16/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

“Thank you for your patience” is one of those phrases every customer has heard at one point or another. And, of course, a phrase every customer service agent has used.  As Franklin D. Roo...

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