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Help Desk Ticketing System

Transforming busy, overflowing agent inboxes into a clean, unified workspace.

Does it ever feel like customers are shooting out support requests faster than a pitching machine? Welcome to a help desk ticket system that will have you a step ahead of the game. It will automatically route and assign every ticket to the right person in the right department. Manage requests from any communication channel all in one place. Meanwhile, the help desk ticket system maintains a detailed contact history throughout the entire resolution process. Resolve support requests faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Turbocharged Support Ticket Resolution

Bogged down by ticket requests? This full featured ticket management software can automate responses, route to a specific agent or team, or send Slack and MS Teams notifications. It will also unify all your service requests. Your customer support team will be faster and more efficient than ever before.

Omnichannel Engagement and Resolution

This ticket management software empowers your customers to send you requests from anywhere at anytime. But, getting hit by support tickets from every direction can be overwhelming. The help desk ticketing system simplifies things. Field incoming tickets from email, texts, webforms, live chat, and Facebook Messenger. Maintain a full, unified view of each contact’s history. Manage all requests in one place.

Easy to Implement. Easier to Use.

Between implementation and training, using a new software can feel like a hassle. Not with LiveHelpNow. We offer full service implementation support for the cost of your license. No upfront fees. Integrate with your existing CRM, knowledge base (or ours!), and applications. With our user-friendly agent workspace, and our award winning 24/7 support, we can guarantee your team will hit the ground running.

Not Only Superheroes Wear Capes

Your agents are only human. They can only do so much. But, ticket management software will have them feeling like they have an 'S' on their chest. Watch them transform into a smarter, faster team. AI-powered automations will wipe out agent mistakes. It will also route inquiries to the right person. Every request will funnel into one modern interface. The result: organized tickets, and agents that are one click away from the data they need.

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Ticket Management Features

Everything you need for better ticket management and issue resolution.

Omnichannel Engagement

Customers can communicate through any channel (SMS, email, live chat, or Facebook). Your team receives one streamlined communication history.

Automations & Triggers

Automations that will route tickets to the right person based on any attribute. Specified triggers that will automatically make updates to ticket status, priority level, and category.

Secure Forms

Securely receive PCI, PHI, and HIPAA sensitive information. Your team can easily and safely accept loan applications, credit card information, medical records, and more.

Canned Responses

Increase speed of service and reduce agent error by storing common responses for repeated use. Agents will resolve issues faster with access to your FAQs.

Unified Inbox

Agents will love an organized workspace. Streamline your company’s support inbox. Keep related conversations threaded, and convert all requests into support tickets.

Key Integrations

You’ve already got some tools in place that you love. That’s why our software is designed to integrate with your existing CRM, knowledge base, and more.

Enterprise-Level Reporting

Track agent and team real-time performance with KPI Dashboards and in-depth analytics. It’s never been easier to identify trends and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Multi-Brand Management

Have limitless flexibility to support multiple brands within one account. Queueing and routing will efficiently process requests and ensure brand-specific support.

Track Contact History

Every user action will be automatically time-stamped and logged. Each ticket submission will match with its own unique ID, geo-location, and source details.

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“We've been using LHN since 2009 and haven't considered using anyone else. It's our main tool for servicing our clients and it's battle-tested, flexible, reliable and easy to administer. You won't find a more powerful scalable and so masterfully integrated chat/email/knowledge base package for this price anywhere!”
- Gary, Vice President, Crucial by Micron