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Let Your Customers Text You

Your customers live on their phones. Slide into their notifications with 2-Way SMS Texting.

Keeping up with the modern customer can be a challenge. They take their phones everywhere So, why not make yourself available via their most loved form of communication? We’ll set up 2-Way SMS Texting using your existing business line. No fuss. No muss. Just texting bliss

The Power of Text

30 Day Free Trial. No credit card. Support included.

Texting...Everyone’s Doing It! Be One Of The Cool Brands.

27 trillion texts sent out every year. Do you really want to miss out on that kind of action?

Easy Peasy. Makes Textin’ Customers a Breezy.

The Two-Way SMS Texting system is ready-to-use. We’ll set it all up using your existing business line so every text will feed into one streamlined agent workspace. No extra training needed. Agents can also send proactive outbound messages.

Time Is Money. Take It To The Bank.

Save your agents and customers time. Text conversations can happen over hours (or days), yet you won't get disconnected. The result? Your agents can handle more conversations, and your customers can respond at their own pace.

Take “Please Hold” Out Of Your Vocabulary.

“Your call is very important to us.” Eradicate that phrase and give your customers the power to text you. Set your phone IVR to say, “Don’t wait on hold. Just text us.” Or publish “call or text us” next to your business number on your website. Then, watch call volume go down and customer satisfaction go up.

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SMS/Text-to-Chat Benefits

Everything you need to provide superior support.

Service On-The-Go

Customers using mobile devices don’t have time to be stuck in a browser chat or waiting in queue. Let them text you on-the-go from anywhere anytime.

Make It Personal

Your customers are texting with their friends and family. Why not let them text you? SMS will make every communication feel more personal.

Omnichannel Engagement

Your customers can text one day and email the next. No matter how they reach out to you, all their communications will be in one easy-to-use agent workspace.

SMS Chatbot

The SMS chatbot will cut your agents’ workload in half…or more! It will resolve simple inquiries without you or your agents having to lift a finger.

Proactive Support

Let your agents make the first move. Once you have a customer’s SMS number on file, your agents will have the power to reach out and offer proactive assistance by text.

Mobilized Marketing

Send SMS marketing campaigns, discount codes, reminders, new product info or any marketing communication you can think of right into your customers’ hands.

Incredible Convenience

Allow customers to communicate at their leisure. They can reach you at a later date and pick up where they left off without having to repeat themselves or fumble with log-ins.

Auto Language Translation

Customers can text your agents in any language. The entire conversation will be seamlessly translated to your agents’ and customers’ local languages.

Customer Service 9-1-1

You can leave the office, the city, or even the country. Your customers can send an SOS via two-way messaging features, and you can respond from your smartphone or desktop.

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