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Personalize canned messages & transfer chats with a whisper

Sending pre-written messages while you chat is a great way to save time and allow yourself the freedom to multitask, but using too many can create a disconnect between you and the customer. We’ve released a new ‘visitor first name’ hotfield to the Chat System that you can add to canned messages to display the name of the current visitor in any general message.

Please Note: You will need to prompt visitors for their name in the pre-chat requirements and map it for this hotfield to display their name.

Once that’s set up, try adding the visitor first name hotfield to your canned greeting and it will begin welcoming each customer individually!

*To see all available hotfields, login and switch to Admin panel > Chat System > Canned messages. Choose the ‘Responses’ link then add or edit a canned response. The info panel on the right has a full list*


Transferring chats with a whisper

If you have multiple agents answering chats then they should really be using LiveHelpNow’s patent pending whisper technology to coach each other. When one agent ‘whispers’ into another agent’s chat session the customer can’t see the message but the other agent can.

Whispering effectively cuts down agent-to-agent chat transfers, allowing the same agent to help the customer from start to finish. In the event that a chat transfer is necessary, all transfer notes will now be sent as a whisper message to the next agent.


If you’re wondering what this post applies to then check out the LiveHelpNow live chat system for more information.

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