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Everybody has a question that you don’t have time to answer. Your staff. Your customers. Your kids (Sorry. Can’t help with that last one). With LiveHelpNow’s FAQ software, all that clamoring for your attention will be a distant memory. Because now, your team and your customers will already have access to all the answers they’ll ever need. One easily searchable FAQ builder to make self-service support a breeze.

The Right Answers Every Time, Anytime.

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The gift that keeps on giving.

Your customers and agents will help themselves to a knowledge buffet.

Some Customers Want to Help Themselves.

No one likes contacting customer service. Give your customers the opportunity to help themselves on their terms. They’ll be happier and so will your agents. Everybody wins.

Take “I Don’t Know” Out Of Your Team’s Vocabulary.

With access to the company knowledge base, every answer your agents need will be right in front of them. All FAQs will be neatly tagged, organized, and instantly accessible. That means when your customers ask a question, your agents won’t have to struggle or place them on hold.

Never Repeat Yourself AGAIN.

Sick of feeling like it's Groundhog’s Day? Let us put an end to your suffering. The answers to the questions your customers and staff always ask will be right at agents' fingertips. You won’t have to sound like a broken record anymore.

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Knowledge Base Benefits

Everything you need to offer the best in self-service support.

Reduced Call Volume

Give customers the option of self-service, reducing call and chat volume by up to 70%. Free up your agents to handle more challenging inquiries that need hands-on attention.

Instant SEO Boost

Every article is assigned its own URL. This will expand your site’s content with relevant information. It will also make it easy for search engines to scan and index published content.

Tagging & Categorization

FAQ software features allow you to label and tag every article. All data will be automatically categorized, so it can be easily found by your employees or your customers.


Our chatbot can use knowledge base articles to answer your everyday FAQs. Free up agents so they can give specialized attention to customers’ more challenging inquiries.

Key Integrations

The FAQ software will integrate with your website, business processes, and other LiveHelpNow services (e.x. live chat software, ticket management software).

Featured Content

Users will have easy access to the answers they’re most likely to need. The Knowledge Base homepage will intuitively display your latest, most popular articles first.

Leverage Customer Feedback

Customers can rate your articles and leave comments. Use their feedback to gain insight into the types of solutions they are looking for.

Simplified Employee Training

Add sales scripts, troubleshooting and training resources to your knowledge base. Then, use it as a resource to bring new hires up to speed in record time or to keep your veterans on their A-game.

Shareable Anywhere

Shareable article links will allow you to send information to anyone anywhere. Do it instantly via email, live chat, SMS/text message or social media.

Success Story

LiveHelpNow Tools Maintain Customer Satisfaction at FXChoice

From the need for a multi-language knowledge base to supporting agents and customers in various locations, FXChoice needed the right tools to adjust its sails in the whirlwind of change. Here’s how they did it.

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- Joel Levin, VP of Support