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Improved Analytics and Ticket Surveys help you capture more customer feedback

09/10/2014       By: Natalya Bucuy

We’ve updated the look and feel of the charts and graphs in LiveHelpNow Analytics to make them more accessible & responsive. View & Sort Chat, Ticket, and Call history using multiple ta...

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LiveHelpNow secured against OpenSSL heartbleed

04/10/2014       By: Natalya Bucuy

At LiveHelpNow we pride ourselves on maintaining a private and secure environment for our customers and their data. We employ financial grade security measures in both our hardware and software appli...

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Announcing the Beta Release of Visitor Triggers and Lead Scoring

03/04/2014       By: Natalya Bucuy

LiveHelpNow is pleased to announce the Beta release of Real-time Visitor Triggers and Lead Scoring! These powerful tools bring you closer than ever to your client base, all while equipping your opera...

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New Features Coming to LiveHelpNow in 2014

02/04/2014       By: Natalya Bucuy

LiveHelpNow Customer Service Software Rated #1 for 2014, with additional features coming soon…   Visitor Triggers with Lead Scoring for the Live Chat System   Visitor Triggers will...

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LiveHelpNow releases integral “Chat Button” and “HelpOut Tab” plugins

04/30/2013       By: Natalya Bucuy

New Arrivals LiveHelpNow is announcing the release of two highly anticipated plugins for websites built with content managers, the “Chat Button” and the “HelpOut Tab.” LiveHelpNow’s Chat But...

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Knowledge Base article editor & Ticket system notifications get a facelift

03/04/2013       By: Natalya Bucuy

The LiveHelpNow Knowledge Base article editor has a new look and feel along with better performance. You’ll now be able to create ‘private’ tickets that are never visible to customer...

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“Between the quality of the package and the enthusiasm of the people behind it, I feel like the sky’s the limit with this company.”
- Joel Levin, VP of Support