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New: Translate SMS chats, Find untagged chats, Merge tickets

The following improvements were released on February 3rd, 2019:

SMS Live Chat translation

LiveHelpNow text-to-chat feature finally gets translation service, you will now be able to translate live chat interactions originated via SMS in real time just like you were always able to translate live chat conversations started by customers in a web browser.

Chat Tag Statistics report improvement

Analytics –> Chat System –> Chat Tag Statistics report will now show a number of un-tagged live chat conversations so admins can easily find and tag un-tagged interactions.


untagged live chats






New setting introduced for the Support Ticket System.

Admin Panel –> Ticket System –> System setup –> System settings

Merge new emails into an existing ticket if the customer’s email address already has an open ticket.

Should the same customer send multiple emails, they will be merged within the same Open Ticket instead of creating a new ticket for each new email. (First email created a ticket, all consecutive new emails from the same customer append comments to this open ticket instead of creating new tickets)
The setting is useful for companies receiving multiple emails from the same customer within SLA. For example if your SLA is 24 hours, and customer sends 3 different emails within 24 hours, they will be merged under the same ticket. The feature is designed to help with clutter control.




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