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LiveHelpNow updates August 21st

The following updates  were released today:

  1. Eventing API (webhooks) will now send chat dates in the account’s time zone set in Admin  Panel->My account->Account info
  2. Eventing API (webhooks) will now send “lhn-webhook-timestamp” header indicating the time of the event in UTC
  3. Tickets received via email will now be assigned a Spam Score (0-5) allowing the admin to configure ticket trigger to mark and close SPAM tickets in Admin Panel->Ticket system->System setup->Ticket triggers & Automations
  4. New actions were added to Visitor triggers: “Assign if online” and “Send promo”.
    Assign if online – Performs visitor assignment to a department only if there is at least one operator online within the department
    Send promo – Will act similar to Send invitation action without the Start Chat button allowing to simply advertise a promotion, coupon or an event.
  5. YouTube and Vimeo links sent in chat or via email will now be video-embedded within chat transcript or email.
  6. New setting added to the chat window customization “Email transcript to the assigned to chat operator” which will trigger an email with transcript sent to the chatting operator upon chat closure.
  7. New permissions added for operators
    “View agents in my department only” – restricting the agent to be able to see, transfer inquiries or communicate with operators in the same department as the restricted operator.
    “Data export prohibited” – restricting the agent to not be able to export reports data
    “View reports in my department” – restricting the agent to be able to only generate reports for the department(s) the agent is assigned to
  8. Numerous security updates.

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