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FXChoice: LiveHelpNow Tools Maintain Customer Satisfaction

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” – Dolly Parton

Dolly is right on pitch here (and always!). And her wisdom relates to so many aspects of our ever-changing life.

Today, we can apply it to the fast-paced digitalization of the business world. This can also include new developments such as the expansion of remote work and the increasing demand for better customer service. 

Barbara Kloucek, the Head of Customer Service, of a trading platform, FXChoice, emphasizes the company’s goals to stay on top of those realms with a profitable trading review.

“We plan to maintain consistency with the quality of service we provide,” she says. “We understand that the clients’ needs could evolve depending on the situation so we would make sure to adapt to relevant changes.” 

FXChoice is a brokerage firm that provides a trading environment for our clients worldwide. Its customers trade CFDs in forex, commodities, shares, Cryptocurrency, and more. 

With customers and employees all over the world and the additional changes the pandemic brought over the course of the last two years, FXChoice faced some challenges. First of all, FXChoice’s customers reside in various parts of the world and speak different languages. And so the company saw the need to provide information in various languages. Second, remote work required easy access to tech tools that would help the company better assist its customers. 

From the need for a multi-language knowledge base to supporting agents and customers in various locations, FXChoice needed the right tools to adjust its sails in the whirlwind of change. And so, the company chose LiveHelpNow tools to incorporate innovation in its operations. 

Here is how. 

Challenge #1: Diverse Customer Languages

A customer since 2011, FXChoice has been using LiveHelpNow tools to communicate with their customers for over a decade. In 2012, the company implemented a Knowledge Base in addition to the live chat already serving its website visitors. Recently, however, the need to expand that feature grew. 

“Previously we just had a FAQ page that wasn’t interactive and pretty limited in scope,” Kloucek says. “We used the LiveHelpNow Knowledge Base system for English articles only. Still, we have clients from all over the world, so we wanted to provide support in written form across all our languages. This would have really helped with taking the stress off our customer service department.”

FXChoice wanted to provide superior customer service to all of its clients, not just the English-speaking ones. Today’s customers value access to self-service and get answers without the need to contact the customer service department. And so the company wanted to explore options for customers who speak other languages. 

Solution: Multi-Language Knowledge Base

FXChoice reached out to LiveHelpNow CEO, Michael Kansky. At the time, LiveHelpNow systems only permitted one FAQ database per customer. However, this specific request from one of our customers sparked an idea for a new feature: multiple Knowledge Bases for a single customer account. While this feature originated from a customer’s feedback, it had the potential to help other customers as well. Multi-Knowledge Base has various uses. It can cover different topics for different customer segments based on any specific needs. 

In the case of FXChoice, this allowed for a Multi-Language Knowledge Base. The company created nine different Help Centers with separate URLs for each language. 

LiveHelpNow tools - knowledge base

“I think we’re very satisfied with the result,” Kloucek says. “Each Knowledge Base article had to have a parent category to connect it to the domain and another subcategory. We are now offering a much broader and much more interactive support service to our clients, thanks to the new Help Centers”

Here are three of them:

One LiveHelpNow account hosting multiple knowledge bases not only helps serve customers in different parts of the world but also allows agents to access FAQs for each language. Each database is fully trackable and customizable. This is one of LiveHelpNow’s tools that are not available anywhere else.” – Michael Kansky, CEO, LiveHelpNow


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Challenge #2: Fast-Paced Customer Communications

“We are in a fast-paced and dynamic industry that demands us to move resolutely,” Kloucek says. “We need to provide easier and faster assistance to our clients. The software allows us to communicate with our clients, track our performance and do many other things that can help solve our clients’ issues.”

While the Multi-Language Knowledge Base has been a helpful addition for FXChoice, the company uses other LiveHelpNow tools to serve its customers. Live Chat, Ticket, and Callback features have all been helping with maintaining customer satisfaction at a high level. 

FXChoice also subscribes to LiveHelpNow Enterprise Plan, which, besides the Multi-Language Knowledge Base includes other extended services.

LiveHelpNow Enterprise Plan

Solution: LiveHelpNow Tools -Canned Responses, Transcripts, Search

Kloucek highlights the ease of using canned responses in the chat window, one of the LiveHelpNow tools that save agents lots of time. “The ability to easily find related answers based on the client’s questions is definitely useful,” she says. She also notes that chat transcripts provide the company with the ability to check previous communication history and to check some other helpful details. And the ticket tools allow agents to check any related concern by searching through the ‘Filter’ section within the ‘Tickets’ tab with the use of necessary keywords.

“The difference before and after the implementation [of the LiveHelpNow tools] is that we are now more productive and efficient with our work,” she says. 

Challenge #3: Performance Tracking and Analytics

“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” — Maya Angelou

Another beautiful bit of wisdom, this quote relates perfectly to why FXChoice relies heavily on another one of LiveHelpNow tools – Analytics. 

Kloucek says that Chat and Ticket Survey Statistics by Operator is one of the most used features for FXChoice. 

“This is where we can check any post-interaction surveys provided by our clients,” she says. “For every positive survey, we either maintain or improve the quality of service from that interaction. And for every negative survey, we identify the areas of opportunity and improvement in order to work on it. This also helps us to know how to handle such clients or scenarios moving forward. With the use of this section, our survey ratings usually improve month after month with proper guidance from the designated superior of every operator.”

Solution: Using Analytics to Set Improvement Goals

And the numbers reflect this. 

“For example, one operator had an overall chat survey rating of 4.43 for the month of January 2022 and he managed to increase it to 4.72 for the month of February 2022,” Kloucek notes. “Another new operator managed to increase his total number of chats from 278 to 316 (14% efficiency increase) and his total resolved tickets from 38 to 50 (32% efficiency increase) from November 2021 to December 2021 coverage.”

FXChoice Analytics

Challenge #4: Reliable Customer Service with a Remote Workforce 

When asked to describe FXChoice’s customer service team, Kloucek goes with a single adjective – reliable. 

“We are always ready to do our best to provide assistance to our clients in a satisfactory manner,” she says. 

The general move toward remote work intensified by the pandemic required the company to adapt. And it did so almost effortlessly. 

Solution: Remote Access from Anywhere in the World

“The fact that we can easily access all of the LiveHelpNow tools using an internet browser is already a great thing,” Kloucek says. “We can just work in the comfort of our own homes so we get to save money. We do not have to travel and we do not have to rent an office. Being able to work from home lessens our stress level so we become more productive. The different functionalities that the software offers allow us to improve on a lot of things and to work on solving different issues effectively. The software interface is extremely user-friendly so it’s a plus factor.”

LiveHelpNow Tools Help Maintain High Customer Satisfaction Rates

And so, FXChoice continues to provide excellent customer service. When it comes to customer support, FXChoice moves with the times and focuses on consistency and innovation. 

LiveHelpNow Challenge

“We pride ourselves on winning the 2021 LiveHelpNow Best of Customer Service Challenge for best customer service, meeting almost all 12 metrics as excellent,” Kloucek says. “We’ve won a total of 10 months, 9 of those were won consecutively. We will continue to provide high-quality customer service to our clients.”

We think it’s safe to say that FXChoice has adjusted its sails in the winds of the everchanging customer service demands just fine. 

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