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Can It! Save Time with Canned Responses During Your Chat Sessions

Answering the same questions repeatedly can be frustrating. Worse yet, it can reduce the efficiency of your chat agents. What is a live chat agent to do?  Create canned responses!


Canned responses are an important tool in the LiveHelpNow Live Chat platform.  But let’s make an important distinction—a canned response is not the same as a Chat script.  (Sometimes people get confused.)  Here’s the difference:

  • Canned response: A canned response is a pre-composed response to a frequently asked question.  You can create a canned response for a product or service description, a greeting, a return policy or any other type of standard information.
  • Chat script: A Chat script is just that, a standardized script for your Live Chat agents to provide a high-quality, uniform, customer service experience.  You may have one or more scripts that your agents use when handling an order, product, or problem.

A fast, easy-to-use solution

But let’s get back to canned responses, which are easy to set-up and use in LiveHelpNow live chat software.  Consider these tips when you set yours up:

  • Be personable: When you create your greeting in LiveHelpNow, you can pull from information provided by your visitor to personalize your canned greeting.  Work with your Chat agents to learn which questions and events could benefit from a canned response.
  • Save time: Using canned responses helps your Chat agents smoothly manage visitors. While one customer may have a problem to discuss, another may just need some information.  Canned responses help your agents shorten their response time by providing useful information on a topic without the need to type it in.
  • Accuracy: Using canned responses to specific questions helps your customer service department provide standardized information.  Because each of your agents is delivering the same canned response to a question, you know accurate information is being provided on important issues like returns or problem products.
  • Right time, right place: Canned responses are great—but make sure the response is a perfect match for your visitor.  Who hasn’t experienced a Chat agent that ignores or misses a clear question?  If your agent is not sure what the problem is, canned responses are no substitute for careful assessment of the problem.  If your agents experience high call volumes, consider Help Squad, trained Live Chat agents who can scale up or down to pick up calls your agents are too busy to catch.

Live Chat from LiveHelpNow gives your visitors 24/7 sales help as they conduct research, look at products, and hopefully head to checkout.  Using canned responses gives your customers support and friendly information, without feeling like they are interacting with a machine.

Save time and improve customer service with canned responses from LiveHelpNow

Don’t wait to make better use of your Chat agents and provide your visitors with the information they want.  Contact us if you need help creating your canned responses. If you need help getting started with canned responses please download 40 Canned Responses Every Agent Must Have Handy from HelpSquad. If you aren’t yet using LiveHelpNow—join the crowd and sign up for a free 30-day trial!

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