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12 Customer Experience Examples to Help Businesses Shine

03/29/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

Real-life customer experience examples serve as a vivid illustration of what’s important in business. After all, how the experience makes the customers feel will determine how they remember your bus...

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Customer Experience Trends 2023: Discover What Matters to Customers

03/06/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

Every year, customer experience trends reflect what really matters to customers. What drives these trends? The global economy, current world events, and technological innovations all play important ro...

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30 Texting Statistics that Show the Power of Connection with Customers

02/27/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

Text. Your. Customers. If this concept makes you pause and ask why you have come to the right place. Recent texting statistics show that texting is no longer a purely personal communication channel. C...

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9 AI Chatbot Examples That Help Businesses Thrive

02/22/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

In recent years, AI chatbots have been all the buzz in the tech and business world. AI chatbot examples from companies, big and small, show success in customer interactions. As conversational AI conti...

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Agent Workspace Takes Customer Service to the Next Level 

02/22/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

Extra! Extra! You might have heard the news already – the new LiveHelpNow Agent Workspace is here to stay and shine. Over two years in the making, our new agent software interface is now availab...

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SMS Chatbots: Complete Guide with Tips and Examples

02/13/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

What Are SMS Chatbots? SMS chatbots are automated computer systems that communicate via text messages. A marriage of automation and convenience, this handy tool can help boost business communication. ...

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30 Empathy Statements that Make Customer Service Shine 

02/06/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

Empathy statements take customer service to a new, more personal level. They address and validate customers’ feelings. They help customer support agents stay out of judgment. And they help communica...

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15 Live Chat Benefits for Businesses of Any Size

02/01/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

In 2023, live chat software is a must for any business. Why? Because live chat benefits are endless. If technologically-advanced aliens sent a spaceship to Earth, one of the first things they would in...

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New LiveHelpNow Features 2023: The Year Ahead

01/27/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

A new year brings new beginnings and, naturally, new LiveHelpNow features and updates.  The quest for New Year’s resolutions gets a bad rep. Most people abandon their resolutions within days or wee...

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10 Golden Rules of Customer Service

01/26/2023       By: Natalya Bucuy

Customer Experience (CX) is an indispensable pillar of any business strategy. Its quality matters in any size business, and yours is no exception. “Treat others as you would want to be treated,&...

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