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LiveHelpNow Software Features to Shine in 2024

The year 2024 brings us some exciting events to note. The Paris Olympics Games, World Cups in various sports, and a total solar eclipse (April 8!) are just some of them. And of course, let’s not forget about the extra day we get in February, as 2024 marks the second leap year of the 2020s. 

LiveHelpNow Software Features

As for LiveHelpNow, we’re cooking up some updates and enhancements for our customer service software that won’t be eclipsed (see what we did there?). Building up on exciting features we released in 2023, we aim to bring more ease and smoother customer experiences to all our customers. 

“The LiveHelpNow’s team is very excited about what’s in store for 2024,” says CEO Jason O’Neill. “Last year was a year of major changes and new features – Hue AI, new Agent Workspace, infrastructure enhancements, and more. 

“Our focus for 2024 is on further enhancing some of our already great offerings. We plan to introduce additional Agent Workspace enhancements (especially with tickets), improvements to Hue, and more admin tools to customize the chat widget.”

Self-service tool utilization and AI-supported automation strategies continue to guide best practices for businesses of all sizes in 2024. The upcoming LiveHelpNow software features keep in line with these trends, aiming to bring more ease to customer service operations everywhere. 

Let’s see what’s in store.

Agent Workspace

LiveHelpNow Software Features: Workspace
Agent Workspace

In 2023, we took our long-awaited Agent Workspace out of Beta testing and launched it to all our customers. This modernized, feature-rich hub of agent tools provides a “single pane of glass” for agents. They now can manage chats, SMS, tickets, Facebook Messages, and more all in one place. It also improves the agent experience, upping efficiency, quality, and speed of customer communications. 

This year, as we collect and examine customer feedback on the interface, we plan to continue to bring enhancements and improvements. 

Record List: Expanded Views

A new expanded view will be coming to the Agent Workspace with a focus on clients that use our ticket system. When certain columns are collapsed, the record list will expand into an eight-column listing similar to the Legacy Workspace. This will allow supervisors, agents, or large volume clients to more easily manage records and be able to see more of the request details upfront.

Terminated Chats Filter

A new filter will allow agents to view terminated chats. This functionality will allow agents to perform final updates to a chat(such as tagging, secure forms, etc.) even after a chat has ended. This will ensure additional accuracy of the information for reporting and tracking purposes. The feature will help agents to focus more on the customer upfront, providing a better experience. In addition, this will be a valuable tool for supervisors to easily review chats for quality and monitoring purposes.

Admin-controlled Filters and Layouts

We will be adding the ability for admins to share and restrict agents’ Workspace filters and layouts. Supervisors will gain additional control to ensure their agents are viewing the right records and working on the right tasks.

Quick Search Enhancements 

We will be updating the Agent Workspace quick search functionality. The new function will make the search function easier for agents to use. An interactive drop-down menu of options and conditions will increase the efficiency and speed of the search.

Hue AI

2023 marked the biggest year to date for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Naturally, the customer service industry embraced the technology, bringing numerous benefits to customer communications. Here, at LiveHelpNow, Hue, our ChatGPT-powered tool, features innovative functions that aid customer self-service, agent response efficiency, and automation. 

The tool, both an agent assistant and chatbot, sources answers to customers’ questions by using your existing data such as your website, a knowledge base, or other sources. Accurate, fast, and informative, this tool powers up your customer service efforts, resolving up to 80% of your customer support queries instantly. The benefits of Hue include shorter wait times, quicker resolution of common inquiries, and 24/7 customer support. It also means faster, more accurate, and easier to train live agents. 

In 2024, as AI technology grows and improves, we’re planning enhancements to ensure Hue is more conversational, easy to implement, and answers customer’s questions even more accurately. Enhanced reporting functions are also in the works, for even more information at agents’ disposal to better address customer inquiries.

Chat Widget Updates 

embedded chat widget
Embedded chat widget

Our Chat Widget got a makeover in 2023. We released full-screen and side-bar chat widget options while updating and modernizing the design. In 2024, we plan to continue with Phase 2 of the project. 

Enhancements to widget management are on deck. The updates will make it easier to apply custom colors, custom CSS, and update labels within the widget. This will allow account admins to make changes easily and to better match the branding and messaging of each company. In the past, this involved a trickier process and couldn’t be done without code. We will also add enhancements to the customer-facing side to better enhance user experience.

Infrastructure Upgrades and Stability

We made significant improvements to our networking infrastructure last year. Our system stability and customer data security continue to be a focus. We will continue to make 99.99%+ uptime our key goal. 

During the solar eclipse – don’t forget, April 8! – the moon will temporarily block the sun from our view. With LiveHelpNow software features and updates, nothing will cast a shadow on your customer satisfaction. 

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