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Increase Online Sales

Timing is everything

Regardless of industry, the timing of the right sales pitch at the right time will move a customer towards the desired action. Of course this is over simplified, but it is true.

Many sales teams have been through hours of product training, years of experience, attempts at the new ‘hot’ sales tool and it all really comes to the same conclusion, timing.

It is the highly adaptive sales person that can assess, adapt and provide the right information to close the sale. Of course, your website cannot adapt to the hundreds or even thousands of visitors, it is not adaptive. But you are!

Moving your online browsers to buyers

Maybe you are already a sales professional, you’ve earned your way through hard work, training and maybe even a little luck often known as good timing. Imagine a customer that comes to your car dealership, spends time in your showroom or browsing cars in your sparkling clean lot and no one greets them, asks them questions, or builds an initial relationship. Your dealership would fail.

Without the ability to do these things online, your website is failing to reach its potential.

No doubt you have invested in your website, it likely has fancy menus, cool videos, great technology that connects to your database of cars, probably even has amazing search for customers to find what they want.

Most websites have a conversion rate of < 4%. In the old marketing work, any marketer that could generate 4% was considered good. Online, it’s a must to look at it differently, this means that 96% of your potential sales left, maybe never to return.

By taking a more proactive, adaptive approach, browsers can be turned into buyers.

Being Proactive

Web sites are in effect, passive. They provide a one-way experience with existing, pre-written content. Conversion is improved by writing good content, by writing detailed content, but regardless, it is still passive.

By monitoring your web visitors in real time, as if they are in your showroom, immediately a change occurs, from passive to active, from browser to buyer.

The sales team can monitor every web visitor, using the real-time web statistics, to identify how proactively to open the dialog. Upon review of the geographical location, web navigation history and search, the sales person proactively opens a chat session.

Opening Chat Dialog

The monitoring software collects and displays many different types of data.

As your team uses the monitoring software to sell cars, it starts with the analysis of the visitors. This is done by reviewing each visitor and identifying visitors that are ready for contact. This can be triggered in a variety of methods:

  1. Page Views – As a customer navigates your page, they view a variety of pages, getting comfortable with what you offer, however not yet taking the desired call to action. By using page views as your proactive trigger, your sales team can open dialog without having your visitor leave your website.
  2. Landing Page – Each page on your website has a purpose, sometimes they are informational, sometimes with a specific call to action. Different pages can be used to trigger different proactive dialogs. By using the landing page, a focused dialog can occur about a specific brand, model or car for sale.
  3. Visit Time – Cars are often researched online, a customers visit time is a good trigger to offer support. By providing proactive help, a customer is likely to refer to you or your dealership when making a purchase.

Automated Chat Dialog

Automated requests can be made to web visitors, from specific pages. This method provides many benefits, opening dialogs automatically enables your dealership to be more effective with opening messages and more efficient with your sales team resources.

Best Practices for Effectiveness

  1. Open dialogs when a customer is on a product page, such as a specific car.
  2. Open dialogs after a certain time spent on your FAQ page.
  3. Create custom chat invitations for the type of chat; e.g. sales, service, inquiry.
  4. Put effective practices in place, they will grow efficient over time.

Best Practices for Efficiency

  1. Create a schedule for operators to handle chats.
  2. Treat visitors as if they were in your dealership showroom, build a relationship.
  3. Create a KnowledgeBase for both Internal and External common questions
  4. Escalate questions to a qualified sales person (a callback if necessary)

Online More Sell More

Each visitor that comes to your website has already cost you money. As competition increases, the cost per visit is increasing. Your dealership may have a great strategy for bringing visitors, it is time to turn those visitors into customers

By opening up a new ways to converse with potential customers, online tools are there to close more sales.

Integrating a proactive online strategy using chat, an email ticket system and a dynamic knowledge base opens all your doors for your customers. It provides your customer options to find what they want and provides your dealership new methods to close these sales.

Getting started is easy.

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