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7 Benefits of Live Chat for eCommerce

Does your website have a live chat option? If not, perhaps, it’s time to change that and enjoy all the benefits of live chat can bring to your customer support. 

Live chat is a game-changer for eCommerce stores. The pop-up window in your eCommerce store allows the customers to put forward their queries regarding your business. Live chat can also enhance user experience and customer engagement and boost sales. 

According to global statistics, 95% of customers prefer a high-quality live chat rather than the speed of customer service. Another research shows that 79% of businesses positively impacted their revenue and sales when implementing the live chat option. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits you can get from this option.

Let’s check out the seven most significant benefits of adopting live chat for your business. 

Benefits of Live Chat for eCommerce

1. Provide instant service to your customers

A live chat option will save your business from cart abandonment issues. According to research, 57% of customers abandon their cart when they don’t get a prompt reply to their query. 

In most cases, these customers are likely to switch to other stores rather than wait to send an email. A live chat is like an on-hand experience for your customers where you can instantly address their concerns and queries. It will help you in preventing sales from sliding.

2. Give customers a frictionless way of resolving queries.

A live chat saves customers time as it resolves their queries quickly. They don’t have to go a roundabout way to ask for a solution. Imagine your customers asking you about a refund policy, and you tell them to send an email to your business or ask them to visit another platform. They have no idea how long it will take you to reply. This uncertainty will destroy their shopping experience. 

But a live chat is a convenient way to talk directly and resolve their issues. You can also adjust the tone according to your website so your customers won’t have to readjust their mindset.

3. Serve multiple customers at the same time

According to Statista, 12% of customers complain about the lack of speed in customer support. But a live chat can resolve this issue. If a customer calls your helpline, your agent can only serve one customer at a time. 

An email inquiry is also a one-way conversation where your agent can write a reply to only one customer at a time. But a live chat is a two-way conversation where your agent can talk simultaneously to several customers. Also, you won’t have to deal with a queue of customers. Your agent can look at each query and decide which to answer first. 

4. Deliver personalized service based on customers’ shopping history

The primary advantage of including a live chat option in your eCommerce store is that you can provide customized services to your customers. Integrating an online design tool in your store will allow your customers a chance to create their own personalized products and buy them. Using a live chat app, you can check customers’ chat, buying, and browsing histories. 

Picking the right app will help you in avoiding repetitive and unnecessary questions. If a customer is facing a particular problem, you can initiate the chat after looking at their history and help resolve their issue. A customer’s history will also help you provide personalized suggestions and recommendations.

5. Save time with automation

The latest live chat apps come with some powerful automation features. They allow you to send automated messages and use customized replies to respond with a click. The app can also help your customers to track their orders and enable you to set up automation rules. Most queries are repetitive, but automation will save time. 

Customers usually ask queries about order status, payments, and returns. So, you can set their reply on auto-pilot; meanwhile, your team can focus on more complicated tasks.

6. Reduced bounce rate

A high bounce rate means visitors are not interested in staying on your website and will leave as soon as they visit it. But a live chat option will provide them with an enhanced shopping experience. You can create automated messages and set conditions for them. So they can be triggered automatically when a specific condition is met. 

Note down the pages with high bounce rates and manage trigger conditions in the live chat app. You can add automated chat messages. So that every time users visit these pages, they’ll get an invitation to chat. For instance, you can add a “How may I help you?” or “Hi, what are you looking for? Can we help”? Your visitors won’t turn away soon, and this option may earn you a potential lead.

7. Capture leads even when you’re offline

Capturing leads when your store is offline can give your business a competitive edge. Collecting information during off-hours will help you nurture a future relationship with your customers. After all, they will be visiting your website during off-hours, so you can’t let your potential leads get away. You can set an after-hours form on your live chat so that your visitors can drop their query and contact information. Once your support team is back online, they can respond to these queries promptly. 

Benefits of Live Chat

A live chat tool for your eCommerce store will help you measure how well your team is performing. Other benefits of live chat include a competitive edge, increase conversion rate, boost sales and provide customer satisfaction.


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