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6 Reasons You Should Let Your Customers Text You

let your customers text your landline via SMS chatYour customers want to text! Did you know that LiveHelpNow offers a unique feature that lets your customers text your business landline, and have that conversation routed to a live customer service desk agent on the computer? You may not be familiar with this feature, but it’s about time you were! Fully utilizing and taking advantage of text-to-chat can benefit your business and boost customer service potential.

So here are 6 reason why your business should utilize the text-to-chat feature:

1. You already have a business number:

Most businesses (if not all) have a phone number for their clients to call them. There’s no reason that your customers shouldn’t be able to text that number as well. You do not want that business number going to waste and to lose potential business. You can keep your existing business number and enable it to receive texts as well as calls!

2. Your clients are constantly texting:

Everyone texts nowadays. It’s fast, convenient, and allows people to send unnecessary amounts of emojis. Your customers are familiar with their phone’s SMS messaging system. If they are using mobile they would prefer texting over trying to live chat in a mobile web browser.

By offering your customers an opportunity to connect with you in a way that they are familiar and comfortable with, you are building that necessary rapport with them and ensuring good client relationships.

3. Multiple employees can use it simultaneously:

You may be able to offer texting services to your clients if your business number leads to a cell phone. However, that severely limits what you are able to do in regards to chatting once your business grows and puts a lot of pressure onto one person who is running the cell phone.

With the LiveHelpNow’s revolutionary SMS (Short Message Service) chat system, multiple live customer service agents can use the system simultaneously. Our system can handle dozens, even hundreds, of customers texting the same number (your business line) at the same time, by routing each individual conversation to the necessary customer service representative in the necessary department.

4. No spam texts because inquiries are prequalified by bots:

All customer texts are immediately answered by bots due to an automated chat script (customizable for your business). The conversations are prequalified, meaning that your customers are asked a few basic questions (also customizable for your business) before the conversation being routed to a live desk customer service agent. This screens out any scam and/or spam texts that your business might receive.

5. Retain the text-to-chat logs:

Because all of the text conversation are routed to the LiveHelpNow chat system, the message logs are kept in the system. This means that the systems saves all of the text conversations and your company can retain the information and use it for tracking, reporting, and training purposes. Each simple quick text now serves as a tool to track your progress as a company and to build out your knowledge base.

6. Your clients may have social anxiety:

Many people today suffer from social anxiety. It may not be easy for your customers to pick up the phone and call your business. This is especially true if they are experiencing trouble and are stressed. Some socially anxious people are not comfortable with talking with people over the phone. Therefore your business should aim to be inclusive and make all of your customers feel comfortable. So by eliminating the need for your current and potential customers to have to call your business, you are offering a great alternative to those struggling with social anxiety.


There are many benefits to using this text-to-chat feature. However important thing to remember is that you need to communicate to your customers that they can text you! This is not a feature that many companies offer. So be sure to put “Call or text” next to your company number so that your clients know the options available to them. By advertising “Text us now!”, your customers will see your company as more personable and more modern, which will put you above your competitors.

2 ways for your customers to contact your business... Your customers can now test your business number and be routed to your live agent

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