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Chat Sessions Going off the Rails? Sentiment Analysis Helps Put You Back on Track

Live Chat is all about keeping customers happy and shopping carts full.  If a Chat session is going off the rails, Sentiment Analysis from LiveHelpNow helps put you on the right track.

Good customer service solves problems, provides information, and helps give your clients the service and products they want to buy. It is all good — until it isn’t. When a customer is unhappy, they don’t buy — and worse yet — they may tell 50 of their closest friends on social media. That can put you on an express ride to nowhere.

Instead of waiting for a train wreck, LiveHelpNow provides you with the unique capability of receiving an alert when a Chat customer is getting frustrated. This gives you time to get the sales and service journey back on track.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis is a proprietary product developed by LiveHelpNow to give our clients a full head of steam when the going gets tough.

(That’s enough train metaphors for now. Agreed?  Agreed.)

Relying on “fuzzy logic,” we built a tool that notices the words being used during a real-time Chat session. According to Scientific American magazine, fuzzy logic is a form of computing that works around an issue, capturing “degrees of truth.” Instead of “yes” or “no” logic, our fuzzy logic identifies words and phrases that offer insight into how your customer is feeling.

When Sentiment Analysis notices words in a Chat session that indicate your customer is getting frustrated, like “I guess you can’t help me,” your Chat manager is notified that trouble is brewing. With unhappy customers, time can be money.  When your customer leaves a Chat session angry about the service they received, or a product problem, the sentiment sticks around, souring your client on your product and company.

The LiveHelpNow Sentiment Analysis tool gives your chat staff and manager a real-time opportunity to reach out with service or an offer that can save the sale — and your relationship with a customer. Not to mention your reputation, although we just did.

You don’t pay extra for Sentiment Analysis. It is already included in your LiveHelpNow service. We want you to have the best possible Live Chat system to create positive, profitable service and buying experiences for your customers.

Don’t Go Off the Rails

You can use Live Chat Sentiment Analysis to troubleshoot your customer service instead of blowing your stack. Here are some ways you can save sales, time, and your training budget:

  • Offer instant damage control and be a hero to your customer
  • Easily identify only the negative Chat transcripts, instead of spending time reviewing all Chat sessions for feedback
  • Develop or revise your Chat scripts to more effectively resolve issues raised in Chats that are identified as having a negative tilt
  • Find out about repetitive problems with products or Live Chat services
  • Fine-tune agent training to improve how conversations are constructed and how conflicts are resolved

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel — Enable Sentiment Analysis today!

If you are a LiveHelpNow customer already, you can get started with Sentiment Analysis right now.  If you don’t use LiveHelpNow Live Chat services — you should!  So climb aboard and try a full-featured 30-day trial free today.

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