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Sneak Peek Feature: Superpower of Live Chat Communications

We are all obsessed with the idea of superpowers. From flying to invisibility and mindreading – the fantasy that we can do and be more than just an ordinary human is fascinating. Well, flying and jumping between universes might still be only available to the characters of the Marvel franchise. (The new Dr. Strange film is phenomenal by the way.) But we here at LiveHelpNow took a shot at the concept of mindreading or at least getting into the mindset of customers AND agents. 


Read on to learn more about our new Sneak Peek feature – the customer support agent’s next superpower. 

Sneak Peek Into Customers’ Mindsets

We’re not kidding when we say our Sneak Peek Feature provides a window to the customers’ minds. 

An essential part of our new Agent Workspace, the function provides the ability to see what customers are writing before they submit their responses. This allows agents the opportunity to respond faster because they can start typing and retrieving information sooner. Additionally, this new feature can help agents better understand customer sentiment. If a customer types a somewhat angry message but then deletes it, an agent can come up with a successful strategy to appease the unhappy customer. Here is what the Sneak Peek feature looks like in action:

Here is an example of the Feature in Action 

For example, let’s say customer types, “I’m looking for shipping options on the website” in a chat. He or she then takes additional time to type another question or add more information to the inquiry. With the Sneak Peek option, an agent sees the upcoming question ahead of time and can be ready with shipping information details. 

It’s like having the power of premonition and mindreading all at the same time! 

Use Sneak Peek to Train New Superhero-Agents

The sneak peek into the customers’ minds makes website visitors’ interactions go smoother. But we’re expanding the feature to add another benefit. 

Soon, supervisors and admins will be able to enable the Sneak Peek feature on the agent level as well. This feature development adds to our whisper technology, which enables supervisors or other agents to help during a visitor interaction. When a supervisor or agent ‘whispers’ into another agent’s chat session, the agent will see the message, but the customer can’t. 

Providing Fast and Personalized Customer Support is Easier with Sneak Peek 

Between knowing what the customers are typing ahead of time and making sure the agents are providing the best possible service, the Sneak Peek brings great benefits to live chat users. Sneak Peek aids with the speed of customer support interactions as well as with service personalization efforts.

It’s a true superpower for customer support agents and supervisors. It can take customer experience, if not into a different universe, then to new heights for sure.




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