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Smarter Chatbot for Smoother Customer Experience

It’s always nice to talk to someone intelligent. Whether it be a person or a robot. 

In the ever-changing customer support tech world, companies must maintain the balance between automation and human interactions. 

Automation improves response times, reduces labor costs and errors, increases service reliability, and generally can make for happier customers. In other words, chatbots can help a company improve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. 

On the other hand, human customer support remains critical. Customers look for that smooth experience with a touch of personalization

One way to better handle the balance between automation and human customer support is to ensure that whatever chatbot tool a business selects is designed to meet specific goals. Using chatbots to assist human agents rather than replace them is the key factor in how effective a chatbot can be. 

To ensure that, we here at LiveHelpNow are constantly working to make chatbots better. Hence, in our latest update release, we will be adding some helpful features to our chatbot. 

Ticket creation 

The use of chatbots can significantly help with improving customer experience. Chatbots can answer simple questions and connect the website visitor to the right live agent. Sometimes, however, answering a specific question might lie beyond a chatbot’s capabilities. If no live agents are available, chatbots can initiate the creation of a ticket. 

In an effort to build a smarter chatbot, our new “submit ticket” feature allows a chatbot to automatically create a ticket on a customer’s behalf. What’s really helpful about this tool is that our smarter chatbot can do it based on the information the customer has already provided during the conversation flow. This provides a more seamless ticket submission process and doesn’t require the visitors to reenter information which can be hugely frustrating and lead to a bad customer experience. The chatbot will gather all the answers a visitor already provided and create the ticket with that information. 

API Calls to Retrieve Information

Sometimes our people need to call your people. Or third-party people. (Also, Customer Management Systems. Or robots.)

Another smarter chatbot feature we’re introducing can help customers get even more answers to their questions quicker. Our new “retrieve API information” feature allows the bot to make simple API calls to retrieve information. This would be great for order lookups, fetching shipping details, making calls to internal systems, retrieving passwords, and much more.

The most common use of this feature is for our smarter chatbot to answer all those WISMO (Where Is My Order 😠😠😠) inquiries. With an API connection, for example, the bot can look for information based on FedEx and UPS tracking numbers. 

Smarter Chatbot for Smoother Customer Experience

Smarter is better. Especially when it comes to chatbots and customer support. Customers want their inquiries addressed immediately and on the first contact. And they definitely don’t want to repeat themselves. Addressing these needs can help a company stand out from the competition.  Smarter chatbots can help achieve that. 

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