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Search every word in your chat history, Automate chat greetings, and Add external watchers to tickets.

You can now search through all the text in your chat history, automate chat greetings, and enable secured chatting on unsecured pages without making code changes. A new beta feature has also been introduced that allows chats to be accepted automatically.

Email-Ticket Management subscribers: Add watchers outside of your support team to tickets including people outside of your organization.

New and Improved Chat System Features

  • Search through every word of your chat transcripts.
    Chat transcripts contain much more than basic contact information. You can now search through past chats using keywords that relate to products, services, issues or any other topic of interest with ease.
  • Send an initial greeting to chatting customers automatically.
    LiveHelpNow live chat software allows you to create multiple chat windows, each with its own branding and customizations. An automatic initial greeting can now be customized for each of your chat windows in Admin panel > Chat System > Customization > System messages > Initial greeting.
  • Enable secure chatting on unsecured pages.
    LiveHelpNow chat code automatically secures chat sessions that start on secured https pages. In the past a change to the chat code was necessary to force secured chatting on unsecured pages, but now you can force secure chatting by making a simple selection in chat window settings. Learn more
  • BETA Feature: Automatically accept chat sessions.
    Intended for accounts with high chat volumes that employ agents dedicated to handling chats 100% of the time they are online; chats will only be automatically accepted when the Operator Panel is open and visible and only if operator isn’t already engaged in an active chat. In Admin panel > Chat system > System setup > System settings, scroll down to Chat session assignment & check ‘Auto accept chats’. For best results, we recommend that you also create an automatic initial greeting.

Add External Watchers to Tickets

The recently released watchers feature for the ticketing system has been enhanced- You can now keep several people outside of your support team apprised of every update to tickets that concerns them, including people outside of your organization.


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