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Discovering the Hidden Gems of LiveHelpNow: Underrated Live Chat Features

Customer service success lies in the details. While some features of LiveHelpNow’s Live Chat are well-known, others are just as powerful but overlooked. Three useful tools to enhance customer service are chat history, website visibility, easy chat transfer, and customizable spell checker.

Discover the underrated features of LiveHelpNow live chat

Chat history and website browsing visibility allow you to see past conversations and the pages your customers have visited. Easy chat transfer makes it simple to pass a conversation to another team member if needed. A customizable spell checker helps ensure that your messages are error-free and professional.

Chat History and Website Browsing Visibility

LiveHelpNow has a helpful feature that lets you view a customer’s chat and website browsing history as it happens. This feature offers key benefits:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Agents can see what customers do on the website to understand their interests and issues for better support.
  • Proactive Assistance: Agents see what clients type before sending, allowing them to prepare responses in advance. This reduces wait times and improves the customer experience.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Understanding customer behavior helps agents give better support and find areas for website improvement. It also helps identify common issues.

This visibility into customer behavior not only empowers agents to provide better support but also helps in identifying common pain points and areas for website improvement.

Seamless Chat Transfer

In a busy customer service environment, seamless chat transfers between departments can be a game-changer. LiveHelpNow’s chat transfer feature ensures:

  • Efficiency: Agents quickly transfer chats to the right department, reducing customer wait times.
  • Continuity: The system saves the conversation history. This allows the new agent to continue where the last one left off. No interruptions exist in the process.
  • Awareness: The system identifies which departments and agents are online, ensuring transfers go to available support personnel.

This feature benefits businesses with specialized support teams, allowing them to provide targeted assistance without customers repeating their issues.

Customizable Spell Checker

Attention to detail is crucial in customer service interactions, and spelling errors can undermine professionalism. LiveHelpNow’s spell checker goes beyond basic functionality with the ability to add personal words, including:

  • Business Terms: Agents have the ability to customize the spell checker. This allows them to recognize industry-specific language, product names, and other business terms. This customization helps to decrease errors in crucial areas.
  • Consistency: This feature ensures consistent and professional communication, enhancing the credibility and reliability of your support team.

Customize the spell checker for your business to help agents communicate professionally and uphold your brand’s standards.


While LiveHelpNow’s Live Chat offers many popular features, its overlooked capabilities can transform customer service operations. Improving customer support by accessing previous chats and website visits. Transferring chats between departments. Adjusting the spell checker to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Using these underrated features, businesses can provide more personalized, efficient, and professional customer service. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Explore these hidden gems in LiveHelpNow’s Live Chat to unlock the full potential of your customer support strategy.Discover the power of LiveHelpNow’s underrated features and see how they can revolutionize your customer service. Try these features today with our 30-day free trial and take your customer interactions to the next level!

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