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Managing Email Overload with Mass Ticket Actions

How do you manage email overload when you receive hundreds or even thousands of customer inquiries on a daily basis?

Until recently there’s been no easy answer to that question.

You can divide the inquiries up into multiple email accounts, but this creates a host of organizational problems.

Customer emails get lost in the shuffle when there isn’t enough oversight, and repeat questions won’t be given consistent answers if agents handle them separately.

If you get repetitive emails on a massive scale then you need an Email-Ticket Management System with Mass Ticket Actions.

Answer multiple customer emails simultaneously using Mass Ticket Actions. You can also perform other mass actions like assigning, tagging, resolving or deleting emails and tickets:










LiveHelpNow Email-Ticket Management is easy to integrate with multiple email accounts so you can handle every support request without switching between company inboxes or chasing down support reps to ensure that customers are receiving timely help.

You can customize a submission form to match your site’s branding and receive inquiries directly from the customers browsing your website.

No matter how customers prefer to reach you, they can always check on the status of their inquiries online or simply update a support ticket by replying to the automatic notification emails they receive.

Start a 30 day free trial of LiveHelpNow Email-Ticket Management. If you already use our Live Chat, Knowledge Base, or Call Management systems then contact a LiveHelpNow representative and ask them to enable a trial of the Email-Ticket Management system for your account.

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