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LiveHelpNow’s own highlighted speaker at CUFP conference

In striving to stay on the cutting edge of innovative software development, LiveHelpNow has transitioned much of our code base into the versatile Elixir environment. The transition process found us in unfamiliar territory, as bridging our systems from an object oriented environment to a functional environment meant needing drivers and protocols that didn’t exist anywhere else in the development community. Our lead developer, Justin Schneck decided to dive right in and create the necessary bridges to ensure our transition was seamless and thorough. Through writing those protocols and drivers he was invited to share our process and experience with the development community at the Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) conference in Vancouver.

The lessons learned through the Elixir transition process not only bettered the LiveHelpNow product overall, but it changed our teams way of thinking. We have begun to move towards harnessing the creative power in functional programming, resulting in a more versatile, highly progressive product that benefits our customers.

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Natalya Bucuy is a content marketer at LiveHelpNow. With expertise in customer service and marketing, she has written nu...

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