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Are Your Spelling Mistakes Costing You Customers?

They say you only get one shot at a first impression. In the world of customer service, that first impression often comes in the form of text, and where there’s text- there’s massive spelling errors. Lucky for LiveHelpNow customers, we’ve got you covered to ensure that you don’t end up soiling your own reputation and becoming an internet laughingstock.

Did You Know:

  • LiveHelpNow is the only chat software with the ability to force operators to spellcheck responses in chats/emails. Any messages with improper grammar/glaring spelling mistakes won’t be allowed to go through. This feature can be enabled in the admin panel->chat system->system setup->system settings.
  • Marketplace estimates that about 20% of customers will use online chat this holiday season, if not more. Some large companies, such as Nordstrom, have their customer service representatives chatting with 150,000 customers a day.
  • Blatant spelling errors on your website and in your customer communications can cut online sales by up to 50%. That’s right- when you’re not spellchecking, you’re letting up to half of your sales disappear.
  • On average, it’s estimated that you have six seconds to grab a customer’s attention. That means that in those first few seconds of engaging a customer, everything you say needs to be 100% correct.

Still don’t think spellchecking is that important? Here are some horror stories to sway you to always always ALWAYS check for spelling and grammatical errors- especially before publishing something in giant bold letters.

1. Jack & Kill Childcare? Sounds scary.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.05.40 PM


2. That ‘G’ really would have made all the difference. 

McDonald's Spellcheck fail


3. It’s a lot easier to sell calendars when you spell ‘calendar’ correctly. 

Marvel Calendar


4. Thank goodness they’re availabe!

Walmart Spellcheck Fail


5. Do they not have spellcheck in Milwaukee? 

Beer Spell Fail


6. I kwon you could have proofread this. 

Landscape Spellcheck


7. How did nobody catch this?

Convenience Store Fail


8. Luckily, most cumputers have spellcheck now. 

Computerized fail



Remember- you only get one first impression; so make it count, with LiveHelpNow.

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