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13 Best Integrations and Automations to Improve Customer Service

What are some integrations and automations that have helped your business improve customer service?

To help you improve your business with automation or some other type of integration, we asked business professionals and leaders this question for their insights. From trying Google Drive integration to incorporating web forms, there are several ways to improve customer service with automation and business integrations.

Here are thirteen integrations and automations to improve customer service:

  • Try Google Drive integration
  • Provide Exceptional Service With Telehealth
  • Implement Efficient Feedback Systems
  • Streamline Invoice Processing
  • Transform With AI and Predictive Text
  • Connect Social Media Platforms
  • Using Feedback Automation
  • Improve Experience With Conversational AI
  • Integrate Payment Channels
  • Make Life Easier With eSigning 
  • Automate Alerts to Website Errors
  • Use a Chat Bot
  • Incorporate Web Forms

Try Google Drive Integrations and Automations

At Terkel, we help connect small businesses/brands with expert insights. For end-to-end process flow optimization, we have used different techniques some of which include interactions and automations using a machine learning algorithm that helps us to create a graphic grid of experts and an integration with google drive that helps us to generate a google doc with a single click on our UI. This integration along with reducing the human efforts also increased the efficiency of creating a well-formatted google doc.

Sri Sagar Kalisetty, Markitors

Provide Exceptional Service With Telehealth

By integrating Telehealth services as an option, we have been able to significantly improve our customer service. Telehealth is convenient, especially for follow-up visits. Instead of having to drive miles to our locations, patients are able to see us and get our expert recommendations from the comfort of their own homes. Especially for patients who might be uncomfortable with the idea of exposing themselves or their loved ones to Covid, telehealth has made all the difference.

Henry Babichenko, European Denture Center

Implement Efficient Feedback Systems

One of the foundations of our client service efforts is an efficient feedback system. It is essential to seek feedback from your clients and actively adapt your customer care strategy based on that information, and Nicereply is a nifty tool for seeking that feedback. 

You can create surveys to send out to your clients and use their responses to make improvements, you can also automate survey deliveries to be sent at the right time for you to make any necessary corrections.

Amit Raj, The Links Guy

Streamline Invoice Processing

Streamlining invoice processes saves plenty of time and helps to keep track of all customer payments. We send automated emails with invoices to clients, reminders about overdue payments and confirmations when the invoice has been paid. In addition, setting personalised ´Thank you´ messages after receiving a payment adds a nice touch and strengthens the relationship with the client.

Rebeca Sena,

Transform With AI and Predictive Text

At Lightkey, we integrate our own technology into our customer service efforts. In fact, this is one of the better ways to demonstrate its utility. It saves us time, and our responsiveness is noted by our clients. In general, the use of AI and predictive text technology can transform your customer service efforts, creating happier and more satisfied customers.

Guy Katabi, Lightkey

Connect Social Media Platforms

I can’t tell you how much I rely on social media to improve customer service. Integrations and automation on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a great way of connecting directly with customers or potential customers. Each content piece that we post on our platform may serve a different purpose. From educational to promotional content pieces, we are able to reach the right audience at the right time with the right information to improve the overall customer service experience.

Michelle Conarty, Lily and Llama

Use Feedback Intergrations and Automations

The rise of the pandemic made it hard for my company to provide adequate customer service to our clients.

To know that we didn’t leave our clients frustrated, which adds to their anxiety, we decided to utilize feedback automation where a pop-up window will appear for them to rate and give us feedback in real-time.

Using feedback automation allowed us to determine the areas we should improve on and helped me look for new and improved tools, training, and support for my employees so both customers and employees can be guaranteed a better service the next time.

This strategy proved to increase our customer satisfaction by 13%.

Baidhurya Mani, Sell Courses Online

Improve Experience With Conversational AI

Conversational AI has revolutionized the way businesses recruit, and that technology can easily be applied to customer service. As opposed to a chatbot that essentially serves as little more than an operator redirecting calls and prolonging a customer service experience, an AI assistant like Olivia brings a human element into routine, automated interactions. It is important to remember that people feel more satisfied with experiences where they’ve been heard. We provide that to our clients, and those they are trying to help, with conversational AI. 

Josh Zywein, Paradox

Use Integrations and Automations on Your Payment Channels

As an eCommerce platform, an integrated payment channel helps improve customer service. It provides our customers with a seamless and secure shopping experience, especially during checkout. Since they are presented with various preferred payment options, they don’t have to switch to a different platform to make a payment. Its uncomplicated nature saves time and reduces cart abandonment rates. Moreover, we encryption-protect our integrated payment channel to safeguard confidential personal information like account numbers from data theft.

Michelle Ebbin, JettProof

Make Life Easier With eSigning 

The use of eSigning is an easy, yet effective way to make both you and your customers’ life easier. Not only does this save both of you valuable time, but eSigning can save you money and make the transaction experience more user-friendly. I recommend Adobe Sign, which lays out all the necessary guidelines for your policy, such as disclosures to include in different types of agreements, the top practices to implement, along with the types of agreements and geographical regions authorized for e-signatures.

The benefits of e-signing software are easily recognized, with enhanced security features to recognize any altering of the document, decreased transaction costs due to less shipping & handling, and increased contract speed, cutting out any unneeded delays in contract finalization. There are several different security measures to put in place, but I recommend looking for something that has multiple authentication methods.

Kate Lipman, embrace Scar Therapy

Automate Alerts to Website Errors

Our business depends heavily on having a reliable website since it’s the primary way we serve our customers and make sales. That means that we have to address immediately any errors or downtime. Otherwise, our customers wouldn’t be happy and we can lose out on potential revenues.

This is where automation has helped us a lot. We set up a system that automatically alerts our developers to any website issues so that they can fix the problem before any long-term damage occurs.

Johannes Larsson,

Use a ChatBot with Integrations and Automations

To alleviate the stress that your customer support team might be facing, use a chatbot. Chatbots use language processing and keyword scanning to provide customers with solutions to problems they’re facing. Unlike human representatives, chatbots operate 24/7 across every time zone.

Using a chatbot helps to prevent your customer support team from getting overloaded. This is useful as a small business with finite resources. Here’s how it works: when a customer needs help, direct them first to your chatbot. This automatically filters out customers with straightforward issues that have simple solutions. For example, a customer might have forgotten their password, or they might be asking for an update on a product they ordered.

Customers with more complicated issues, like understanding the nuances of a contract, are forwarded to humans. With fewer requests to sort through, these representatives have the bandwidth they need to take their time and provide quality customer service. This is one of those integrations and automations that just keeps on giving. 

Gregory Yong, Convincely

Incorporate Web Forms

At Novus, our dedicated team of professionals is available 24/7. In order to make that possible we integrated web forms on our website. This feature makes it much easier for customers and prospective customers to reach out and provide their contact information, location, and job description for a quote. Not only is this more convenient for our customers, but it’s also convenient for our teams so that we can have some important details upfront to ask the right questions and provide the right price and services for better customer satisfaction.

S. White, Novus Maintenance

We hope this was a useful list of integrations and automations that can help you improve your customer service.

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