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Need a Friendly Word of Advice about Your Website? Don’t Take Another Step.

When you are about to make a mistake, don’t you wish someone would open your eyes and tell you?

You put a lot of work into getting your website right, promoting your brand and your product.  Your Live Chat agents are great, but something is stalling visitors to your website. Could there be problems no one is telling you about?

At LiveHelpNow, helping clients is what we do. After all, help is our middle name, which is a much better middle name than, say, Norbert or Felix. We do our best to support your customer engagement and help you convert new leads to solid sales – before you accidentally walk off a cliff.

A Small Broken Link Can Mean a Big Fall

Here’s a great example. With our new Website Errors report, you never have to worry about getting caught with a broken link again.

Website errors are an issue for a business of any size. We’ve known the importance of a quality online experience for some time.  A couple of years ago, Akamai made some key findings:

  • After a wait of more than two seconds for a page or service to load, users click off a website or abandon a shopping cart.
  • Underperforming retail sites lose sales.
  • Almost 80 percent of website visitors who have an unsatisfying website experience are unwilling to visit that site again.

Do you know if your site is offering your customers a smooth experience?  Are there broken links, images that aren’t loading, or problems with functions that you don’t know about?

A common problem for many websites is a broken link.  You might have moved content or changed a page, or the link destination itself might have changed or disappeared.  Broken links not only irritate and delay website visitors, they derail search engine bots, which impacts your website ranking and whether your content is searchable.

LiveHelpNow Helps You Watch Your Step – in Real Time

Don’t wait until sales or Chat numbers are off—find out quickly about problems on your website as they occur.  Our new, real-time Website Error report gives you a daily heads-up about errors happening on your site including:

  • Broken links
  • Image-loading problems
  • Javascript errors
  • Common HTML mistakes
  • SEO mistakes

When there is a problem on your site, you can count on LiveHelpNow.  Our Website Error report lets you know before you are embarrassed or lose business.  And that helps you manage your customer experience by ensuring the function and features you built into your website are ready to go 24/7.

If you are already a LiveHelpNow client, check out our new Website Error report at no extra cost in Analytics >  Executive > Website Errors report.  If you have not met us yet but are ready to boost your business with high quality customer service media like online Chat, why not try out LiveHelpNow with a free 30-day trial?

Take advantage of our new Website Error report today—and find out about small mistakes before they become big problems.

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