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The LiveHelpNow live chat window – Designed with your brand in mind

The live chat window is often a visitor’s first point of contact with your company, and it should be designed to reflect your brand. The latest release of the LiveHelpNow chat window is easier to customize – has a cleaner, more streamlined appearance – and features a robust design that fits any screen.

For customers that may not want to use SMS to chat, the LiveHelpNow chat window is mobile friendly – great for chatting with customers on their iPhones, Droids, Tablets and other smart devices.

Expand your social following! – link visitors to your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube accounts with social media icons embedded in the chat window.





Our patent-pending Billboards have also been improved! – Advertise up to 10 scrolling messages to customers and include links to send them to your most valuable product pages.





You can customize the new window in Admin panel -> Chat System -> Customization -> Chat window
(select “change window style” if you’re using the old style window)


If you’re wondering what this post applies to then check out the LiveHelpNow live chat system for more information.

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