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Need Help? This is the Kind of Ticket you Want to Get

Most people try not to get tickets—but with LiveHelpNow, we make it easy for you to get the kind of ticket that boosts your business profile and your customer happiness.

Trying to manage customer communications through email is, frankly, a mistake.  Even with a small business, email conversations with a customer can be ongoing, resulting in five emails about one question.  Piecing together the right information and responding to the right email can be a mess.  If there is more than one answer involved—well, it’s time to put up a stop sign.

With LiveHelpNow, our Email-Support Ticket Management System keeps you organized in all sorts of ways.  Let’s take a look at a couple of the advantages to your business:

  • No one wants to work all night: Online shopping occurs 24/7, and so do questions.  If your Live Chat agents aren’t available to take the call, you have a couple of options.  One is to work with HelpSquad, our team of professional, always-on Live Chat agents ready to swoop in and burnish your brand at all hours of the day and night.  The second option is our ticket system.  It is so easy.  After you set up the ticket system on your website, customers can ask a question and send it off to you at any time.  When you arrive with your morning coffee—so do the tickets.  You, or your Chat agents, have a threaded, trackable system to respond efficiently and accurately to interested—or disgruntled—customers.  Sound good?  Read on.
  • Be a problem solver: Use LiveHelpNow ticketing to keep your customer in the loop, providing updates and notification when a problem is resolved.  Your customer can check on the status of their ticket anytime.  An unanswered question to customer service is a fast way to lose a sale or a customer, so LiveHelpNow helps you ensure you respond to every inquiry—every time.
  • My ears are burning: Everyone wants to know when someone says something good about them on Twitter.  Plus—it is really useful when you know if someone says something awful about you on Twitter. With our Twitter Integration tool you can monitor the chat about your company or product and proactively (meaning pronto) respond to Tweets as if they were tickets, without leaving the LiveHelpNow system.
  • Show off your knowledge: With the LiveHelpNow ticketing system, your Live Chat agents can use integrated knowledge base articles to provide information to customers quickly and accurately—without having to retype.

Our ticketing system does not just eliminate inbox clutter. It is a powerful way to manage customer and social media relationships.  The easy-to-use interface lets you assign tickets to agents based on their skills and experience, and best of all, LiveHelpNow ensures you never miss a call.

What are you waiting for?  Let’s get those tickets going

Don’t wait! LiveHelpNow gives you the green light to help your customers and your business team.  The happier you are, the happier we are, and relationships are what we at LiveHelpNow are all about.  If you are not currently using a comprehensive customer service solution, try a free 30-day trial and get happy today.

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