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LiveHelpNow Teams Up with JBConsulting to Expand Into Spanish-Speaking Market

LiveHelpNow announces an exclusive partnership with JBConsulting to expand the reach of its omnichannel tools in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking regions. As LiveHelpNow’s reseller partner for all omnichannel opportunities in Mexico, JBConsulting provides Mexican businesses with state-of-the-art customer experience (CX) tools.

Any LiveHelpNow customer who prefers communications in Spanish will now have the opportunity to connect with a Spanish-speaking JBConsulting partner.

JBConsulting is a premier implementation partner for many of the best CRM and CX solutions on the market. These include Microsoft Dynamics 365, Segmentify, and Kissflow.

“LiveHelpNow is proud to work with JBconsulting to ensure LiveHelpNow customers receive the best implementation and support experience possible,” says Jason O’Neill, LiveHelpNow CEO. “This partnership enables LiveHelpNow to offer our omnichannel customer service software, ChatGPT bots, and business process outsourcing services (BPO) throughout Mexico and other Spanish-speaking regions.” According to a study by the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones, even though 88 million people in Mexico have access to a cell phone, it can be challenging for companies to successfully connect to specific populations, concludes Aztec Reports.

However, many of these population segments require personalized shopping experiences. Effective, easy-to-use, multifunctional digital omnichannel solutions can fulfill this unmet need in various Mexican markets. 

LiveHelpNow customer support software is more than just a way for customers to connect to a business. It provides a wholesome customer experience to the customers, but it also creates an employee experience that fuels positive customer interactions and builds solid customer relationships. Reaching Spanish-speaking customers is a step toward future-focused business growth and a world of meaningful global connections. 

To learn more about both companies visit LiveHelpNow and JBConsulting

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