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How to Generate Quality Leads with Live Chat for Small Business

Do you, as a business, have trouble getting potential customers to turn into actual customers? 

Your business has a strong online presence, is active on social media, and also has high website traffic of visitors. But you face challenges in converting those visitors to paying customers. Sound familiar? If so, it might be time to consider adding a live chat option to your businesses’ website. 

Lead generation is an essential process that helps increase revenues for your business. It helps you identify and target potential customers into actual customers. And adding a live chat option for the visitors on your website helps you engage in a proper, real-time manner with your customers. The sooner you respond to a visitor’s query, the sooner you can turn them into a customer. 

Statistics on live chat show the value of the tool when it comes to customer retention. that 79% of customers prefer businesses to have live chat as they ensure instant responses. Additionally,  63% of customers are likely to return to a site that offers the opportunity to live chat. As the business world develops at a faster pace, it’s necessary for a business’s marketing strategy to adapt to these changes at the same pace. (

 Therefore, a live chat will prove to be a game changer for your digital marketing strategy while also offering efficient customer service. 

In this article, we will discuss ways for businesses to generate quality leads through live chat.

1. Provide real-time assistance to the visitors on your site

A real-time chat option allows you to directly communicate with your customers who spend any time on your website. It’s similar to how a salesperson will interact with a potential customer who shows up on your company’s doorstep. This not only eliminates any delays to customers’ responses but has also proven to increase customer loyalty.

A real-time chat software enables a chat-box to pop up automatically. The chat-box will ask the visitors if they have any queries, they need assistance. Then, if the customer responds, your team will be alerted so a salesperson on your end can assist the visitor as soon as possible. The sooner you respond, the sooner you can turn that visitor into a lead

This is an efficient and one of the cheapest ways for businesses to generate quality leads from website traffic. 

2. Analyze Customer Behavior 

Customer behavior helps you understand your potential and actual customers. And the better you understand them, the more efficiently you can provide personalized services. Now, how does that help in the process of lead generation? There are hardly better ways to understand the wants and needs of your customers than to analyze their behaviors on your website through a live chat feature.

Live chat software can help access an analytics report through a visitor monitoring feature. Some useful information you can receive through a visitor monitoring feature include:

  • The location of your visitors – country or area wise
  • Which web pages your visitors spend the most time browsing 
  • How long the visitors are spending on a specific page
  • How many times the visitors visit your website

By acquiring this data, businesses can understand the behavior of the visitors on their website and design different market strategies to generate quality leads and boost their sales such as location-based marketing. 

3. Use Visuals 

Speed and personalization of live chat certainly can help generate quality leads. However, live chat interactions can become a bit tedious and unmemorable to the visitor. In cases like this, engaging with your customers through integrating attention-grabbing and amusing pictures, gifs, and avatars can help greatly. Various live chat software allows you to add fun visuals to your live chat feature. Have fun with it, but keep in mind that the visuals shouldn’t distract the visitors from the main point of the chat. First of all, respond to their queries and questions related to the services of your business, but add a little flare to it. 

Moreover, customers are more likely to remember and return to your website if they see a feature that grabs their attention. 

4. Ensure a good mobile service

Time is of great importance when it comes to efforts to generate quality leads. So, the chat feature needs to be easily accessible and easy to use for your customers. So, the sooner they engage with you, the sooner you can respond.

However, a visitor is unlikely to have time to sit in front of a computer and browse your website all day. And going through multiple pages on a mobile screen may tend to get frustrating. Therefore, mobile optimization becomes very important. Create a good mobile service in the form of an app that is compatible with various phones like iPhone, iPad, and Android. So, it’s for the visitor to get in touch with you and even easier for you to offer good customer service.

5. Use an Al-based Chatbot to manage the traffic better

When managing a small business, it gets difficult to manage every single department from marketing to finance. Particularly if you have fewer employees working for you. If you think you’re short of salespeople and may not be able to respond to too many customers at a time, use an Al-based chat box to manage the traffic on your website efficiently.

An Al-based chatbot can handle greetings and routine interactions with your customers. This will save not only the visitors but also the agents. Consider a service that can help you create your own build-operate-transfer (bot) model and improve your leads.

Generate quality leads with live chat :

Recent studies have proved live chat to change the world of digital marketing for the better. It provides various benefits for your business as you generate more leads and convert them into sales. The timely response and improved customer service live chat provides results in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. For a small business live chat software will be one of the most efficient, quick, and cheapest processes of lead generation.

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