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12 Questions To Ask in a Customer Satisfaction Survey

What is one question to ask in a customer satisfaction survey?  

To help you with the proper questions to ask in a customer satisfaction survey, we asked HR leaders and CEOs this question for their best recommendations. From figuring out what convinced your customers to buy the product to how well the product meets their needs, there are several recommendations that may help you ask the right questions in your customer satisfaction survey.

Here are 12 questions to ask in a customer satisfaction survey:


  • What Convinced You to Buy the Product?
  • What New Features or Products Are You Interested in?
  • How Did You Find Us?
  • Which Product or Service Were You Most Satisfied With?
  • What Can We Do Better?
  • How Satisfied Are You With Your Experience Today?
  • How Long Have You Been Using Our Products/services?
  • How Likely Are You to Recommend Our Company/Product/Service to Others?
  • How Would You Describe Our Products or Services?
  • What is One Reason Why You Might Choose a Competitor?
  • Did You Feel That Agent X Answered Your Inquiry Promptly?
  • How Well Does Our Product Meet Your Needs?


What Convinced You to Buy The Product?

Most of the questions we find in customer satisfaction surveys are aimed at finding out what our clients didn’t like about the company, product, or service. Though it’s important to collect such information to improve various areas in the user experience, we should also take the opportunity to ask what we are doing well to build more strategies around those answers.
By asking, ‘What convinced you to buy the product?’ we can find out precisely what our selling point is. For example, we would be able to determine if people are responding to the quality of our product, positive reviews from previous clients, or pricepoint (to name a few).

Jessica Ulloa, MyPerfectResume

What New Features Or Products Are You Interested In?

What additional features are you most interested in? If you’re looking for a clear-cut way to discover exactly what your customers need from you as a brand, embrace the opportunity to actually ask. Not only can this lead to greater customer satisfaction, but may also spark some ideas with your marketing or creative team. Look at it as brainstorming with your clients – with positive experiences!

Ryan Rottman, OSDB Sports

How Did You Find Us?

You stand a better chance at expanding and improving your market with this question. It’s incredibly helpful to know whether your marketing is reaching the right demographic, or if you’re getting business another way. By knowing the channels that are reaching your converting customers, you can focus efforts more efficiently to engage with even more valuable customers.

Ryan Shallenberger, SEKISUI

Which Product Or Service Were You Most Satisfied With?

If you offer a variety of services and products, you should ask this question to see what of your offerings is being used and valued, and what is not providing customers with satisfaction. So, ask your customers which products they like and which they feel offer the best value. There is a chance you could be wasting energy on products or services people aren’t using or don’t value. This question can help you cut waste and refocus your efforts.

Danny Torres, Generated Materials Recovery

What Can We Do Better?

It’s important to ask what we can do better. This additional feedback can help businesses address and issues and improve the company long-term. For example, a customer may write that the internet speed needs to be faster, or customer service needs to be more efficient in finding solutions. In doing so, businesses can tackle the issue at hand and turn weaknesses into strengths.

Corey Ashton Walters, Here

Are You Satisfied With Your Experience Today?

Determining how difficult it was for a customer to find the product they were looking for (or get the answer to a question they were asking) is extremely important to retaining customers and improving the overall customer experience. This can be done through a simple question like ‘Based on your recent interaction with our website, how easy or hard did you find it to achieve your goal?’

Answers provided for this question, in conjunction with an option for customers to type a full response, will provide you with valuable insight that will improve usability for future customers. A lot of businesses use questions like this to form a Customer Effort Score (CES) to get an overarching perspective on customer experience, website structure, and overall usability. This question is best asked immediately after key interactions, such as a purchase, lead form submission, or support request.

Teresha Aird,

How Long Have You Been Using Our Products/services?

This is one of the most important questions to ask in a customer survey because it affects all the other data submitted by the customer. Customers with different levels of experience will respond differently, and it’s a crucial metric that needs to be taken into consideration. Always ask your customers how long they have been using your products/services and take their answers into consideration when making customer-related decisions. This is an easy and clear question that should always be asked.

Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy

Would You Recommend Our Company/Product/Service to Others?

This simple question is brilliant as it goes beyond a “regular” customer satisfaction level, actually. We tend to be more demanding when it comes to picking something for our nearest and dearest. Willingness to recommend a certain company/product/service to them is, therefore, a more powerful indicator of satisfaction level than a sole declaration that we like it.

What makes the given question even more valuable from a business-oriented perspective is the role of word of mouth. It is the best way to spread the buzz surrounding a service or a product to potential customers, especially in times of social media. Various research studies show that over 90% of consumers consider peer-recommendation as one of the most important factors in deciding to make a purchase. Last but not least – we, humans, are social beings who need social proof to take action.

Agata Szczepanek, MyPerfectResume

How Would You Describe Our Products Or Services?

Asking your customers for their own descriptions of the products or services you offer can open you to various insights into how customers perceive them. The open-ended question will help you become more privy to what your customers value. Do they consider your product to provide value for money, or was it just satisfactory? Will they use words to describe your services in terms of speed or price? Regardless of how your customers answer this question, you will significantly benefit from knowing their perceptions of your offers from their descriptions.

Your customers’ descriptions can also help your tailor your marketing keywords and copywriting. And you may use the most illuminating and positive responses as testimonials for your promotional efforts.

Collen Clark, Schmidt & Clark, LLP

What is One Reason Why You Might Choose a Competitor?

One useful question to ask in a customer satisfaction survey is, “What is one reason why you might choose our competitor over us?” The customers who usually fill out satisfaction surveys are either very satisfied or very upset with their experience. If they have a favorable experience, they might not even answer this question; that is fine. However, if they had a negative experience, their response can inform how you choose to improve your product or service.

Gerald Lombardo, The Word Counter

Did You Feel That Agent X Answered Your Inquiry Promptly?

A customer satisfaction survey should get to the bottom of how effectively the agent did his or her job. Those interactions are so critical to whether a customer returns that a lot of the survey data needs to center on them. Find the areas of improvement and train your employees and new hires accordingly. Reward those employees who score well. Doing so can incentivize them to follow protocols better and boost morale. Those are just a couple of the benefits of an effective customer satisfaction survey. The best specific questions to ask would be, “How courteous was (Agent X)?” and “How knowledgeable was (Agent X)?” – or some variation of those two questions.

Joel Jackson, Lifeforce

How Well Does Our Product Meet Your Needs?

“How well does our product meet your needs?” is an impactful question to ask in a customer satisfaction survey. Use a 5 or 7-point scale to determine how well your product or service is performing among your customer base. You do not need to ask a complicated question. Keep the questions simple and to the point. By using customer satisfaction surveys often, you’ll hopefully be able to improve and extend your average customer lifecycle.

Isaiah Henry, Seabreeze Management

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