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How Cloud Technology is Shaping SMBs Productivity

Long time back ‘Cloud Computing’ entered the world of technology. Since, then hosted services are used by billions of corporations from all around the world. The capabilities of cloud computing have brought a paradigm shift in IT functionality of businesses and corporations. Cloud technology has proved to be absolutely a game-changing revolution for industries of all sizes.

Ever-Growing Possibilities of Cloud Computing:

It’s simple to commence from the capabilities of Cloud Computing without much contemplating over the nitty gritty of cloud computing functioning.
All-in-one cloud technology delivers great benefits to SMBs. Information technology has proved to be advantageous for corporations confronting budgetary restraints. They have the opportunity to work in association with the third-party specialists. Oracle, Microsoft and Google are the some of the cloud service providers which deliver transparent services comprising networking and hardware components. The cloud service provider creates possibility for software upgrade, management and trouble-shooting from any device or location.

Recently I discovered a cloud service offering beginners in the stock market to follow top day traders and make profit with them by replicating their trades.

Cloud technology offers a world where you are able log onto a website and access all the applications and tools that your resources require to perform their jobs successfully without having to devote funds on software licenses.
Imagine all potential tools such as calendar, CRM; accounting software, email, invoicing, etc. are approachable from any device or location. Cloud computing benefits stretch much beyond agility, flexibility, security, productivity, scalability. Let’s see some of

Secured File Sharing:

File sharing with among your colleagues can be a tussling task. Remember the first experience when you tried to distribute via email, 2GB of multimedia file? Anybody who has encountered such experience certainly understands the challenges involved. Data backup headaches and transport of file racks to the newly shifted office location is another challenge encountered by corporations.

Well, cloud is here to resolve all such troubles. The days with limited technological choices are over. Software and services have been developed which allow secured file sharing;

In the corporate context, dedicated software such as RapidShare, MediaFire can be used for hosting and sending large files.
Google Drive, Box, Skydrive and SugarSync can be used for personalized file-storage services and facilities.
Few distinct choices such as BitTorrent Sync offer better continuous synchronization and updation such as on editing any file the sync will update only the portions that have been modified rather than the complete file.
For small businesses, Dropbox can be used for distributing and synchronizing files. Advanced features such as remote wipe, ability to hook up work and personal drop boxes and selective syncing help to reap maximum benefits out of Dropbox.

Back-up Services Simplified:
With the emergence of types and volume of data that needs to be protected, the number of back up applications and tools have multiplied in the corporations. Each tool is developed to address specific type of data. Examples of these are virtual and physical servers. Over a period of time, these solutions have been assembled together or set up in isolation. And these are usually hard to operate for anyone who has not designed them and can be easily collapsed by technological configurations. Solutions to overcome such difficulties have been designed.

Let’s take a look at them:

Tools have been designed which deliver the same operations as individual back tools but function on the same platform, which are simpler to license and reduces the maintenance cost. Such platform is framed to meet the demands of future.

Disaster recovery plan is another benefit that can prove to be extremely beneficial for organizations. If the primary data center collapses then with effective security and cloud—based backup tools the concerns associated with cloud technology get over.

To enhance productivity and reduce the cost spent on IT infrastructure cloud-based backup and storage options are implemented continuously by small businesses. One of the cloud backup option Mozy gives users the choice for scheduling and manual updating or having their data backed up regularly.

Well, the reach of cloud services is extended much beyond our imagination. Cloud technology delivers access to information via secured network. No network changes, no capital investment and in few seconds access can be extended to new users.

Moving to cloud enable SMBs to reduce storage costs, achieve improved scalability and manageability. So, whether it is a call to save money or improve productivity; SMBs can reap great benefits from cloud services.

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