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Our Customer Support Blog is your one-stop shop for valuable insights, tips, and best practices. Whether you are a customer support professional, a team leader, or a business owner, this curated collection of resources will help you elevate your support game.

Customer Service Training Made Easy (Step-by-Step Guide)

07/19/2022       By: Scott Lieberman

Your customer service agents can ruin your brand. Or, they can enhance it!  Your customers’ real-life interactions with your company will give them either a good feeling about doing business with y...

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7 Benefits of Live Chat for eCommerce

07/14/2022       By: Abhishek Agarwal

Does your website have a live chat option? If not, perhaps, it’s time to change that and enjoy all the benefits of live chat can bring to your customer support.  Live chat is a game-changer for eCo...

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Ticket Management Made Easy for Carolina Biological Supply

06/07/2022       By: Natalya Bucuy

Of oInnovation. Quality. Service. These are values Carolina Biological Supply Company holds close to its heart. It instills these principles into everything it does, from staff training to its product...

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12 Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Experience

05/14/2022       By: Natalya Bucuy

What is one difference between jobs in customer support vs customer experience?  To help you differentiate between jobs in customer support and customer experience, we asked founders and business lea...

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The Best Growth Channels for Startups

04/20/2022       By: Jessica Wise

Startups and small businesses (SMBs) embark upon their journey with energy and passion. It gets them off the starting block and into the market. However, it only gets them so far. At some point, they ...

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Top 10 Ways To Prevent Support Agent Turnover

04/20/2022       By: Jessica Wise

Agent turnover is a crucial challenge faced by most organizations. According to the 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the overall agent turnover rate is 57.3%. What are the causes of such a high...

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LiveHelpNow Announces 2021 Challenge Winners

04/14/2022       By: Natalya Bucuy

Traditions are important. And here at LiveHelpNow, we have one that involves and celebrates our beloved customers. It is no other than our LiveHelpNow Challenge.  And so, we’re here to announce our...

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What is Good Customer Support: 13 Definitions

03/31/2022       By: Natalya Bucuy

What is your definition of good customer support? To help you define what good customer service looks like, we asked CEOs and small business owners this question for their best insights. From valuing...

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How To Build a Successful Customer Support Team From Scratch

02/28/2022       By: Natalya Bucuy

Good customer service is rarely memorable. However, bad customer service can leave your clients fuming. Meeting your customers’ satisfaction is essential in generating sales and keeping your busines...

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Customer Acquisition Tactics That Won’t Tick Off Your Current Customers

09/21/2021       By: Natalya Bucuy

If you get your internet services from a traditional cable provider (and no, we will not name names here), chances are, every year you make THE phone call.  You know, when you get your monthly bill a...

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