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5 Ways to Overcome Sales Reluctance

A lot of businesses hinge a big majority of their bottom line from their sales profits. That’s why it ‘s no wonder that selling is such an important part of our everyday working atmosphere. Despite this fact though, a lot of people still engender a certain attitude of reluctance when it comes to sales — it may be because of unwillingness, doubt or other kind of misgivings that plague a lot of people.

Although a lot of people might think they have an okay sales attitude, you only have to observe their sales activity to discern if they really are serious about selling. Regardless of one’s reasons for hesitating, it’s easy enough to change as long as one is willing to do more. Here are some definite tips to on how you can beat sales reluctance and make your sales process more action-oriented:

1. Strengthen your self-motivation.

One of the most powerful solutions you can employ in face of hesitation is utilizing a keen and passionate motivation towards your goal. Although a lot of salespeople often practice this, the key problem lies in the fact that they do not know how to keep their motivation at a consistent level. Just like in any quest for improvement, consistency is what determines the reliability of a person. Do not let yourself be driven by fear of failing. That kind of fear cripples a person by preventing him from performing optimally to the best of his potential.

In essence, self-motivation is driven by values and is an important part in any undertaking. Your own self-motivation can be rooted in a number of things like success, a sense of purpose, or even to just enjoy and have fun. Whatever your motivation’s source is – make sure to build it around these. Instead of concentrating on just achieving your sales goals, all you have to do is focus on the value you hold most dearly.

2.  Define your direction clearly.

A person can be highly motivated but it will do him no good once it is not directed to any definite path. If you don’t know where to focus your energy then it can only lead to uncertainty and beget reluctance in the process. You may work endlessly but at the end of the day, actions with no clear aim only serve short-term plans. This can then lead to confusion in the long run because there is no viable sense of purpose to guide you.

The only way you can define which direction is best for you is by asking questions. These questions should be ones that will spur you to think in new ways. I’ve frequently noticed that people tend to complicate matters that can be easily answered simply as long as we take the time to ask the right questions. 

3. Improve your selling skills.

The good thing about sales is that it doesn’t have to be necessarily innate – it can be learned as well. The best way to take an action-oriented sales process is to practice it until you get the hang of it. Once you’ve done this, it will enable you to be more confident in the things that you want to pursue.

Contrary to common beliefs, confidence cannot just be gleaned from amassing knowledge, it is by doing and putting a theory in practice that one can test their own mettle. For every plan and action you have executed, ask yourself what you did well and what you would do differently next time in order to improve your performance. By asking these questions, you are taking charge of your own learning system. This also enables you to understand yourself so you can be in control of your performance.

4. Learn to handle your emotions.

Not a lot of people consciously know that they have the power to control their emotions if only they will make the choice to do so. All your thoughts, no matter how trivial or consequential, can essentially affect the way you feel. You have the power to prepare what kind of emotional state you’ll be in whenever you are faced with a particular challenge or obstacle. No matter what result each endeavor begets, you will be able to start anew for the next task. If it turns out that you had a disappointing closing sale then all you need to do is to make the decision to treat it as a lesson learned.

5. Eliminate emotional hindrances.

What most salespeople don’t realize is that the root of sales reluctance may be rooted in some sort of emotional baggage. It could be fear, rejection or beliefs wherein you wrongly generalize things. This can definitely be a drawback to you when it comes to the realization of your goals because your thinking can either liberate or restrain you from reaching your fullest potential in your performance. The best thing to counteract this is by replacing negative opinions with ones that empower you to do your best.

In order to change any previous negative perspectives you may have, then you must first open yourself up to change. I know the road to eliminating any debilitating beliefs about one’s self is never easy, but it can be done. Take a personal development course if you have to, if you think you need additional help to facilitate a better frame of mind.

Where the Real Action Lies

All of these tips will definitely help you boost the productivity of your sales process as long as you take the time out to make the effort to do so. Although you can never truly avoid rejections and frustrations in any business field, it’s worth knowing that for every time you stumble; you also have the choice to get up and go back to where you left off and that is what real action is all about.

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