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Take the LiveHelpNow Challenge and Kick Start Your Success

Sometimes a little healthy competition is just what you need to help kick start your success.  As you can see, there’s really nothing like victory to put a happy smile on your face. If you want to prove that you give great customer service — and see how you measure up against your competitors — the LiveHelpNow Challenge is for you.

Facts and fun for your customer service agents

The truth is that even a company offering a premium product is going to tank if visitors don’t get the answers and service they need.The LiveHelpNow Challenge is an essential management and competitive tool.   Taking the Challenge gives you monthly metrics on how you compare to other companies. Plus, it gives your Chat agents a chance to earn this really cool medallion of honor for your website:

But the LiveHelpNow Challenge is more than just pretty. It’s an opportunity to compete for a spot on our monthly top-100 list of companies providing high-value customer service.  Here’s how you get there.

Each month, LiveHelpNow gives you daily access to metrics based on 50 different criteria.  Those metrics create an actionable picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your call center and Chat agents.  The analytics are provided as part of the LiveHelpNow platform to let you see how you stack up against your company goals and expectations, and the performance of other similarly-sized, or branded, companies.

Simply by checking out your daily dashboard, you can get immediate feedback on important customer service points that include:

·       Visitor survey results

·       Visitor and Chat volume

·       Proactive actions

·       Average Chat and Chat accept time

·       Operator responsiveness

·       Dropped Chats

·       Feedback on canned content

·       Chat transfers

·       Operator utilization and knowledge


Not bad, right?  At the end of each month, we tally up the rankings and announce our top-100 customer service performers.  And let’s face it — it is not whether you win or lose this Challenge, it really is how you play the game.  Live Chat is a critical connection between you and your visitors and customers. Offering great Chat service boosts your brand – and your profits.

Nobody wants to shop in an empty store

If you walk into a brick and mortar store and there is no one around, you might browse for awhile.  You might also think it is pretty strange that the place is deserted and wonder if you didn’t get the memo about, say, a zombie invasion. If you’re anything like us, this situation would motivate you to run for the hills.

E-commerce works the same way.  From the luxury of your smartphone or laptop, you browse products. But if there is no one around to ask for information (or worse yet, if the Live Chat agents are rude or slow) — you are outta there, correct? Absolutely.

But when you make Live Chat a defining feature of your sales funnel, your visitors browse knowing help is available to resolve pain points without frustration. And, when you take the Challenge, you know exactly how well your Live Chat service is performing. If you only want to see how you measure up without being listed among the other top-100’s, that’s okay, too. We can just let you know where you stand.

Don’t wait — check out the LiveHelpNow Challenge today

If you are already on the LiveHelpNow platform, you can take part in the Challenge with no extra cost. Just sign on today.  If you aren’t on LiveHelpNow, you can still take part in the Challenge at no cost by signing up for a free, full-feature 30-day trial.  Get your analytics served up daily to see how you measure up and you just might be a winner.

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