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Should you outsource your customer service and sales teams?

Customer service teams are notoriously major cost centers in any business. Between training people, paying their salaries, and spending countless hours solving customer problems- those numbers start to add up. So, what if there was a way to provide top-notch customer service while cutting those costs?

Now, there is. You can now entirely outsource your customer service team. Here are just some of the reasons you should make the switch:

  • You don’t have to spend time scouting for and hiring customer service reps. You can finally give the HR department a break, and you can spend less time on interviewing and reviewing, and more time on building your product.
  • You can save time and money on training customer service reps. By training an operator online, you can multi-task, rather than having someone physically stand over a new rep to train them.
  • You can provide excellent service. Finding good customer service operators is a challenge. You need someone intelligent, empathetic, adaptive, and friendly. Finding people like that can be difficult, but when you outsource, you know exactly what you’re getting. You’ll be guaranteed to have vetted, experienced chat operators helping your customers day in and day out.
  • You can choose the support you want to provide. Want to chat with your customers 24/7? Now, rather than paying someone hefty overtime, you can outsource that work at a fraction of the cost.
  • Massive savings. Whereas customer service reps can have salaries of up to and above $40,000 a year, you can outsource your customer service needs for as little as $199/month (with HelpSquad).

With so many reasons to make the switch- what are you waiting for? With LiveHelpNow’s award-winning in best live chat software – customer support was easy. Now, with LiveHelpNow and HelpSquad, it’s almost too good to be true. Try HelpSquad live chat operators today (Hint: HelpSquad lets you try 14 days free!). 

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