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Send LiveHelpNow chats to SalesForce CRM

Salesforce_logoCustomer relationship management in the cloud

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could house all of your LiveHelpNow chat sales leads and customer service inquiries in Salesforce CRM automatically? With LiveHelpNow’s new seamless integration with Salesforce CRM, you can.

The integration allows you to create new accounts, contacts, or leads in Salesforce automatically as customers chat with you. Maximize employee productivity by allowing them to chat in real-time with customers without flipping from screen to screen and entering the same information twice—everything will be taken care of behind the scenes.

Learn more than ever about your customers with live chat activity records in SalesForce CRM. In addition, you can use the information conveniently located in the LiveHelpNow chat operator panel to maximize your efficiency when engaging a hot lead. LiveHelpNow website visitor tracking tells you exactly what your visitors are interested in- use that information to your advantage and close more sales than ever!

By integrating LiveHelpNow chats with your Salesforce CRM, you can utilize your employees and your technology to their fullest potential. Multitask efficiently while keeping an eye on your customers and your business. Generate meaningful leads that turn into sales with LiveHelpNow, and ensure that sales become lasting customer relationships using Salesforce CRM.

Already a LiveHelpNow customer using SalesForce CRM? Learn how to setup Salesforce Integration for the chat system.

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