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LiveHelpNow speaks Greek and now so can you!

The world’s just gotten a little smaller and your sales opportunities have just gotten a lot bigger.

We’re writing to let you know about an exciting new feature now available in our live chat service: We’ve harnessed the power of Google Translate in order to provide you with real-time language translation in a chat session.

If your customer’s first language is something other than English, they can now type in the language they’re most comfortable with and their text will be translated, on the fly, into English (or any other language your agent chooses).

Your agent’s reply will be instantly translated back, eliminating the language barrier that in the past would have prevented the sale or made product support impossible.





The implications are huge – with a “multi-lingual” staff (thanks to Google Translate), you can now sell to almost any country in the world with the knowledge that before and after the sale you’ll be able to “talk” to your customers in their own language.

With this ability, your product or service is now truly global!

Please keep in mind that this is a beta (test) and the way this feature is implemented may change. Also, although we’re paying Google Translate for the service, we hope to keep it free to you. It’s possible, however, that at some point down the road we’ll have to start charging LiveHelpNow customers a nominal fee.

We hope you find it valuable; please let us know what you think. Send your feedback to so we can better evaluate this new tool.

In the meantime, Σας ευχαριστώ, gracias, merci, danke and obrigado!


If you’re wondering what this post applies to then check out the LiveHelpNow live chat system for more information.

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