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iPhone App for the Live Chat System

LiveHelpNow Help Desk - LiveHelpNow, LLC

Our new iPhone App is now available to LiveHelpNow Live Chat System subscribers in the iPhone App Store free of charge!

For the first time, you can have the LiveHelpNow experience in the palm of your hand.

Chat with new visitors and returning customers anytime and anywhere you please.

Put that data plan to work-
Generate leads, close sales, and provide outstanding customer service with our easy to use, fully featured live chat App.

Features that help you do more.

Chat with multiple visitors simultaneously. Proactively invite browsing visitors to chat. You’ll have the same canned messages you know and love available at your fingertips.

Pick and choose visitors you’d like to chat with.

Agents using the LiveHelpNow iPhone App can monitor visitor activity-
and gain access detailed visitor information including country of origin, referrer, navigation history, and a history of previous chats with the visitor.

Chat with other agents & transfer live chats seamlessly.

You can send operator-to-operator messages, use our patent pending Whisper Technology to coach new hires, and transfer chats seamlessly between operators.

Here at LiveHelpNow we are dedicated to providing you simply the best solutions for customer engagement.

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