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Live Chat Software and SEO

Live chat software not only improves your customer conversion and retention rate- it can also trim about 20% from your advertising costs.

Are you interested in refining your PPC campaign search terms by giving you the information to get the most ROI for your marketing and advertising dollars?

As your customers interact with your webpages, you will be able to note the search terms they use so you can in turn use them to determine your Meta tags and select keywords that fit what customers look for when they browse the internet.

This will make your search engine marketing and optimization efforts far more efficient and effective.

LiveHelpNow offers a top rated live chat software that enables your business to monitor traffic in real time. You can see who is really interested in your services by finding out more about who visits your site.

Location, navigation patterns, and contact information is now available at your fingertips. When choosing a chat software provider, make sure you are getting an Analytics reporting tool.

Analytic reports create instant opportunity by showing you which pages and information your customers are looking at, in which order, and when.

Still need to know more? Ask customers to complete survey questions or send them a link to your LiveHelpNow chat window since you will have all the relevant and important information you need.

Installing LiveHelpNow live chat software is an ideal way to provide the kind of increased level of customer service that today’s online customers have come to expect.

The fringe benefits include knowing exactly who is really interested in your product or service, possible exchange of links with satisfied customers, and improvement of search engine optimization efforts.

All of these will bring your business real savings and improve your business’ ability to communicate with the right people through the right channels. LiveHelpNow live chat software is also very cost-effective and does not require high levels of resource usage.

Your business can add a personal touch to the customer’s online experience. Practically any consumer oriented business can install person-to-person chat clients that enable communication, as well as visitor monitoring including keywords and other search engine related information.

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