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Live Chat Queuing- Balance Agent Workload in Call Centers

In the fast-paced environment of a modern call center, the efficient use of time is the key to both happy customers and satisfied management. 
Traditionally, live interactions between call center agents and customers have been limited to one-on-one phone support.

Live chat support is the alternative that today’s internet savvy, multitasking customers are looking for. 
It offers them quick response times and the freedom to do more with any idle time they experience.

The benefit of live chat in call centers is two-fold. Agents can take on multiple customer support requests at once. No more redirecting customers through various selection menus and transferring them from department to department.

Excellent customer service can truly be a click away. The benefits of live chat are plentiful and can truly transform your call center into a multi-channel customer service powerhouse:

  • The cost per interaction is much lower than with phone support. Plain and simple, it costs you more to keep a customer on the phone lines than it does to chat with them live.
  • Agents can handle 2, 3, or more simultaneous chats depending on the nature of the conversation. This means customers don’t need to wait for service and can have their needs met immediately.

Live chat queuing balances the workload of busy call center agents

  1. Set a maximum number of chats per agent to maintain service quality.
  2. Give customers an estimated wait time when experiencing higher chat traffic than usual and keep customers in the loop.
  3. Set a limit on the maximum number of chats allowed in the queue to prevent customers from waiting a long time when a prompt response isn’t realistic.
  4. Queue chats for the least busy agents first to cut down on response times and ensure that none of them remain idle. Round robin queuing is also available.

Incorporating live chat with queuing allows call centers to lower cost per interaction, increase customer service capacity, and maintain a consistent level of service quality.

Already a LiveHelpNow customer? If you manage a call center or a large support team find out how to setup live chat queuing for your account.

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