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How cloud computing and live chat software foster better customer relationships

Although there are many differences between startups and long established growing businesses, they still have one thing in common: they rely on client satisfaction in order to remain profitable.

A key to satisfying customers and encouraging them to continue doing business is to ensure that all of their issues and questions are quickly addressed and resolved.

However, this is incredibly difficult to do through traditional channels, such as telephone calls and emails, alone.

Fortunately, cloud computing and live chat software can streamline the customer service process and lead to higher client satisfaction rates.

The problem with using telephone calls and emails for monitoring customer inquiries and issues lies in their inefficiency. Clients who call customer service lines are often put into long call waiting lines, which leads to frustration for the client.

Once the call is answered, they may be redirected to other representatives, adding to the resolution time and the client’s aggravation. Emails, on the other hand, may get lost in the flooded inboxes of customer service representatives, going unnoticed or being totally ignored for lengthy periods of time.

For phone-based support inquiries, live chat software can greatly improve the efficiency and resolution time of a call.

Clients can resolve their issues through entirely automated services such as an FAQ or Knowledge Management System that is tailored and customized to the business’s specific needs or they can opt to leave a Ticket request if they don’t have the time to search for an answer.

With live chat software, clients or prospects can connect to a business’s support desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When the help desk exists entirely in the cloud, clients, prospects, and customer service representatives can access all of the features and functions of the application from anywhere at any time with ease as long as they are connected to the Internet.

One of the great benefits of using cloud-based software for handling inquiries and support needs is that every single communication can be logged immediately and indefinitely.

Additionally, any messages that are received through the system can be instantly routed to the correct departments within the business, and alerts can be sent to representatives through emails and text messages via Mobile Chat when a customer or prospect issue is pending, which greatly improves efficiency, business performance, and client conversion rates.

By implementing the right live chat software nearly any business of any size can increase business performance, increase customer retention and conversion rates, and grow profit margins. It is possible to save money, create efficiency and productivity without hiring any additional employees for support purposes.

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