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Geeks Rule: How to Look Smart and Influence People with LiveHelpNow’s Knowledge Base

Everyone wants to look smart. Let’s face it, geeks rule.  Now you can look smart and help your clients at the same time with a knowledge base system from LiveHelpNow.

More than 80% of consumers let their fingers do the swiping to research products and services before they buy.  Instead of showrooms and sales reps, we have websites and helpful Live Chat agents.

Consumer research offers a hassle-free way for interested buyers to compare products, check prices, materials, and other details about the products and services they want to buy.  It is no secret that about half of all consumers check out first when researching a product.  Information is pretty easy to find, and so are reviews that offer detailed product information.

So how can you compete? With LiveHelpNow, you can easily create an intuitive research tool that offers your visitors the information they want with a click.

Make it easier for your clients to buy — give them the information they want

Users are looking for products they need. With a knowledge base, you can give them the information they want before they buy.  A robust knowledge base is a great way to prove you know your product, your business, and even your competition.  Comprehensive, easily accessed information invites potential customers to come in and take a look around.

With LiveHelpNow, you can create a repository of information on your company, product, and services for use by potential leads and your Chat agents.

Besides creating the ultimate in a comfortable buying experience, a LiveHelpNow knowledge base is great for other reasons that include:

  • Giving visitors access to a well-developed knowledge base lets you control how information is communicated, ensuring facts, sales points, and data are accurate and easy to understand. From basic product information to customer reviews, technical specs, installation and troubleshooting guides, and videos, your knowledge base reflects your understanding of the information your visitors want.  The more finely tuned your knowledge base, the easier the route to your sales funnel for interested customers.  Your knowledge base can also provide easy, understandable information for returns or refunds — eliminating frustration on either end of your sales cycle.
  • While your knowledge base is a great self-serve tool for do-it-your-selfers, it can also reduce wear and tear on your Chat agents by giving them access to complete information on routinely asked questions. Your customer service agents can provide quick, thorough answers that reduce their typing time, increase productivity, lower your costs, and offer great training back-up for new employees. Because you can update and add to your knowledge base, you can easily use it as an always-fresh training manual to make sure your employees are knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Boost your visibility by optimizing your LiveHelpNow knowledge base for search engines. Consumers find your site when researching a product, and stay to learn from informative articles and FAQs, screen shots, tutorials, and more.  LiveHelpNow incorporates analytics into your knowledge base, giving visitors the opportunity to rate your articles — and giving you the ability to see what users are interested in, or where you can improve your content.

Don’t wait to get the most from LiveHelpNow — set up your knowledge base today

Give your website visitor the chance to be a know-it-all.  A good knowledge base can boost your sales and site ranking and reduce customer service costs.

Don’t wait to feed your inner geek. Get moving on your knowledge base articles today. Our geeky customer service team is waiting to help you out. Just contact us if you need help.  And if you haven’t starting using LiveHelpNow, just sign up for a free 30-day trial to find out what you are missing.

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