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Do I Really Need a Ticket System?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

How many times have you come in on a Monday morning, checked your email, and then instantly wanted to go crawl back in bed after seeing tons and tons of unanswered emails? How many times has someone emailed you and then emailed you again and again, thus adding to your clutter? How many times have you needed to find something in your email and taken forever to do so?

If any of the above are applicable to you and your business—you need a ticket system.

So, what exactly is a ticket system?

It is an email management tool that takes those inbox-cluttering emails and organizes them in such way that your head won’t explode.

Here’s what happens. Say you don’t have chat (if you don’t, you should consider adding live chat to your site) or you’re unavailable, and a customer needs to ask you a question. They are directed to a simple, fully customizable web form where they can send you an email.

Now, if 10 minutes later they realize they forgot to add something, rather than sending you another email they can simply reply to the confirmation email they received. Emails are all neatly queued in your ticket dashboard for follow up. If you have a company Twitter account, you can integrate it with your LiveHelpNow account to turn any tweets/direct messages right into tickets that will display on your dashboard.

You can then tag emails, filter them, assign them to various employees, and keep your customers in the loop the entire time. You can set the system to send them an automated message once they submit a ticket, and customers are updated as progress is made on their issue. Additionally, agents can collaborate on tickets to ensure that issues are resolved smoothly, quickly, and non-repetitively.

An email-ticket management system eliminates the redundancy that typically comes from a lack of communication and allows your workforce to be used more effectively. No more forwarding an email 30 times and CC’ing everyone on it- just plain, simple collaboration. Once tickets are resolved they can be marked as such and you can move on to the next. Additionally, administrators can track ticket progress to ensure that customer inquiries and issues never go by the wayside.

The benefits to the customer are obvious.

They are kept entirely in the loop about the progress of their issue, and since multiple agents are collaborating to fix their problem, the customer is getting superior results than they would though a traditional email.

They also can submit issues as simply as filling out a web form or sending a tweet, so they no longer have to jump through hoops to get their questions answered.

There is also a wide array of benefits to the business. Email clutter is eliminated, and the dashboard can be fully customized, tagged, filtered etc.

Since employees can collaborate on tickets, there is less time wasted which can then be dedicated to doing more revenue-increasing activities. By linking the email management system to the company Twitter, you can fully manage your tweets, direct messages, and responses all from your ticket dashboard.

Supervisors also benefit from the implementation of a ticket system, because they can track ticket progress as well as assign tickets to certain operators to be sure that all issues are addressed in a timely, professional manner.

So, regardless of if you are an agent or a supervisor, Email-Ticket Management is the ideal email management solution. It allows you to provide superior customer service in an efficient, organized way that leaves customers feeling informed and satisfied while simultaneously saving both of you time.

But hey, don’t take my word for it, try it free for 30 days and see the difference it can make.

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