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What are the Best Trends for Live Chat Apps in 2018?

When it comes to customer service, live chat apps hit the mark on many levels. It provides an instantaneous solution to connecting with customers and helping to solve problems. Live chat apps also build better relationships and can potentially increase sales.

In 2018, live chat apps are tools that are essential to renowned customer service. Live chat is anticipated to grow as much as 87% in the next 12-18% months, and these trends can help you implement a customer support system that wins more business.

Trend #1: Live Chat is Becoming Proactive

Customer attention spans are shorter than ever before. While FAQ pages can help customers quickly find answers, it’s important to be proactive and answer questions promptly in 2018.

If you’re already using live chat for your business, you might be wondering how you can cut first response times. You can start by using a welcome message to let them know support hours. This way, they’re not left waiting for a rep to answer—which ultimately can lead to frustration.

Trend #2: Live Chat Apps are Going Omnichannel

Why settle for live chat apps that can only operate on one channel?

In 2018, it’s time to get more mileage out of your live chat. The top chat apps offer omnichannel functions that you can use on a variety of platforms, including MAC and Windows operating systems.  

Omnichannel support allows any business owner to receive notifications right to their desktop with visitor activity, arrival, and other convenient alerts regardless of your preferred platform. This makes it easy to customize the live chat experience and provide the best customer service experience possible.

Trend #3: Live Chat is on the Go

The truth is that live chat is moving beyond desktop platforms. Live chat isn’t the most convenient option for mobile users, and with 6 billion texts sent per day, it’s more important than ever to implement a text function.

For example, LiveHelpNow allows businesses to text companies directly through their landlines. These texts are sent directly to the chat system so you can help customers in real time.

Trend #4: Live Chat Apps are More Scalable

The best live apps won’t hold your business back with limitations for live chat. With nearly every type of business requiring some level of customer support, it’s important to select use a live chat function that’s scalable for your business—whether you have 5 agents or 50.

Trend #5: Live Chat Apps Are Enhancing Workflow and Organization

There’s nothing worse than a bad workflow, especially when it comes to customer service. By implementing a streamlined live chat app, you can quickly complete jobs such as transferring tasks and support tickets between operators and even departments. When you choose to go mobile, you can have your chats and support tickets right in the palm of your hand.

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Don’t rely on only e-mail or phone for customer service. Live chat is a critical component of any business that wants to provide exceptional service. Be sure to explore our live chat options, including live chat apps and more.

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